Braun open to changing OF position

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Nobody, Nov 23, 2013.

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    I know a lot of people will hate but this at least gives me a little face, mostlyy because i've seen how big of a cocksucker A-rod is. Am i the only one who remembers the scrawny, cannon armed SS hanging out with Griffey and Randy "fucking" Johnson? I really like this, because for those of you who have seen my general love, should notice Aoki is on a contract year, and will be traded as long as Khris Davis keeps being a damn boss. The crew went +.500 after Braun got the fuck out, and I expect to see the majority of our 2nd half staff back. I'm not giv ing up on Braun, i just hope we piss test him at least 100 times this season. Anything less than perfect can get him gone. On the other side, We will have Aoki until July and Gomez is a mother fucking Gold Glover. Hey Minnesota, thanks for making a shit decision in our favor. :boss1:

    Anyone else's favorite enjoying their baseball offseason so far?
  2. I used to be waaaaaaaaaaay into baseball back when I was younger. Used to go to minor league games all the time back in Buffalo, ah the Buffalo Bisons. Don't remember exactly as to why I stopped watching..?
  3. Holy shit you are the 3rd member we have from Buffalo. Bills suck bro.

    @DkJames and @Emperor Lelouch Britannia the transexual, have you met @puffNstuff
  4. I was aware that Dk's from there, had no idea about ELB though. Well, hello to my fellow, umm,Buffaloians? I have no clue.
  5. Get ready for the Pm, and ready to send me a mailing adress. I've got the cash, you just have to attack an Ice Cream trucking running in the dead of winter. Does anyone really need ice cream that time of year?
  6. Do we need it then? Nah. Do we freakin' want it? Uhhh hell yes, brother
  8. Whoa whoa who's this hoff guy? :ksi: And Frank can't do shit, brother. You simply cannot stop PUFFNSTUFF'mania
  9. Frank "loves" Cock.
  10. Just one question before we continue on here, who is this Frank guy
  11. No one cares about Braun. I should close this :jeritroll:
  12. Why? Just because you can? You're on a power trip! Stop the madman
  13. That post was meant for Aids. Apologies if you were hit by any shrapnel.
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  14. It's alright. Ouch, stings a little bit. You care not for the innocent! You don't care about the collateral damage!
  15. There were WMDs I was told.
  16. What's up, I'm Aids' dick. Mustache battle, the closest to Mickemouse doing a handstand wins.

    I'd edit if i didnt think Micke'mouse was an upgrade.
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  17. Ah, there "were" WMDs eh? Gotcha. :ksi: Carry on then sir. Nothing to see here
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  18. Bring it!
  19. Who invited you to this thread? Was it @Crayo ? Your kind isn't welcome here, honkeys.
  20. Ohhhhh I thought it's been brought, brother. This should be a gooood one to see. Btw, love how every thread goes waaaay off topic, lol. Not a bad thing, jussayin' is all, brother
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