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Not for nothing but it feels like WWE’s roster has taken a greater interest in the pro wrestling media over the last few weeks. The latest example comes from new Raw tag team champion Braun Strowman and his new tattoo he got this week.

The Monster Among Men calls out a dirt sheet that messed up the origins of why got the words “nobody knows, nobody sees, nobody but me” tatted on his forearm. The original story says these are Johnny Cash lyrics, but they are not

Just the dirt sheets talking about stuff they don’t really know about again. It’s a verse out of a kings of Leon song

— Braun Strowman (@BraunStrowman) August 22, 2019
Here is the original Instagram post where Strowman shows off his new ink.

Strowman’s new tattoo of course features lyrics from the 2008 track “Cold Dessert” by southern rockers Kings of Leon.

Thoughts on WWE wrestlers getting a little more proactive with the media that covers them?

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Grievous 3D

There Existed An Addiction To Blood
I love how the entertainment industry as a whole appears
to be treating their audience with disrespect & contempt.

It really makes me NOT want to watch anything that they
have to offer.

At least the creators of the "shows" I watch on Youtube are
grateful to have an audience.

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