Braun Strowman is not ready

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  1. Anyone else catch this from Raw? Strowman clearly got exposed. He cant hold his own on a promo. Segments like this are where he needs to shine. Brock is a made man so its not on him. And it doesnt just come down to creative neither. Strowman fell flat on his face and showed he is a one dimensional performer. His look and size is what got him this far. His "get these hands" shtick is worn out.
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  2. I heard apparently that they are letting the wrestlers have more leeway with promos . So far we have had this and Nia Jax pretending to vomit. Great star

    Yeah let's not let these wrestlers to cut there own promos if this is the case

    Braun hasn't had one good singles match in 2018. He's booking has been great and he has shown a lot of charisma. I'm just bored of the guy.

    The only part of he's character I'm interested in is he's ties to the Wyatt family. Everything else is just dumb.
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  3. The entire segment fell flat.. They were stalling in this segment.
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  4. This video shows the part where they cut out. Soooooo awkward
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  5. Braun should not be doing promos he is not that type of character anyway, he should just beat the shit out of people....
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  6. he was never supposed to be a babyface. The only reason people got behind Strowman as a babyface was because of their passionate hate for Roman and wanting him to take his spot
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  7. Not the only reason. He has obvious redeemable qualities for people to like.
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  8. not as a babyface tho. These redeemable qualities all stem from his heel persona
  9. Nah I disagree. Braun coming out of a dump truck to beat up the miztorage is the most babyface thing ever.
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  10. This is 100% on point. If it werent for Roman, Braun would of never got over as much as he did. Ever since Roman had to leave and Braun got switched back to babyface, hes been a hot mess. Granted, Braun is still pretty young and new to WWE and thats a big jump and big shoes to fill for Reigns, who has been primed to be the top guy for years now. WWE is making the right decision to hand the opportunity to Rollins though. Rollins has WAY more of a handle on how to be THE top guy then Braun does.
  11. Strowman was booked perfectly and got over due to quality writing. Give us a lovable character, emphasize strengths and hide weaknesses... Had All the times the fans begged to see Strowman become the guy he wound up winning, we'd tire of him quickly if he had to work WWE main events and cut WWE promos
  12. Yeah the babyface booking was very strong. As well Roman being a good villain for Braun
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  13. I've been watching ROH with my dad on Fite TV and I've noticed that ROH tries to build as many as possible as legit threats for the championship. Something WWE and even Impact at times is severely lacking
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  14. This is the strongest part - every hero needs a great villain. Roman was booked incredibly well, similar to Cena before in that he was the perfect method to build a hero of the month. Sure the white hat ended up losing to the black hat but that made the faces win all the better in the end.

    They need an uber babyface who can rile up parts of the audience due to 'Superman booking' whilst scooping up the merch sales. Wonder who fits the mould.
  15. Who is the superman, now? Brock probably.
  16. No one. That's the problem really, Brock is too cool to get the required hatred plus he barely shows up. They need someone to rocket to the moon, I'd support Rollins but I don't feel he'd have enough hate amongst the older crowd to be that launchpad for other guys.
  17. Short answer, No.
  18. They have Drew. But he lacks character and there is nothing unlikeable about him.
  19. Drew should face Taker at Mania and end his career in a brutal fashion. Thatll surely get him over.
  20. On paper it should.
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