News Braun Strowman is still over

Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by Wrestling News, Apr 15, 2018.

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    Braun Strowman won the Raw tag team titles with Some Kid at WrestleMania 34, then showed up the next evening on Monday Night Raw to relinquish them. If either decision changed perception of the “Monster Among Men,” it isn’t noticeable in the latest poll is running with:


    And, the results:


    That is, of course, assuming Brock Lesnar defeats Roman Reigns at Greatest Royal Rumble, which seems unlikely. Then again, it seemed even more unlikely “The Beast” would win at WrestleMania 34 and that’s exactly what he did.

    Either way, it’s clear fans aren’t tired of Strowman’s act just yet. In fact, one could argue he should be in Roman’s position right now.

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  2. Give it time...the WWE have proved they can ruin anyone if they want to.

    Yeah you could argue it...but it isn't worth the effort because Vince clearly
    isn't changing his mind about this matter.

    Strowman should have won the Universal title at Summerslam 2017.
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  3. Why wouldn't Strowman be over?
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  4. Well...its possible that some fans may have the
    same opinion that I do.

    I believe Braun Strowman is slowly being ruined.

    Of course I have my issues with him being over
    as a face to begin with...but that's a discussion
    for another time.

    Strowman got over because he was a monster...
    a seemingly intelligent monster. He got over by
    beating the piss out of the Plank of Wood as well
    flipping over trucks/cars & causing a shit tonne
    of property damage.

    The WWE tried to use Strowman as a monster to
    get Reigns over...but it backfired because most of
    the fans would rather have anyone but Roman.

    We could make a sit-com out of that shit...

    "Anyone but Roman"

    Of course instead of a studio laugh track it would
    be a studio boo track.

    So at Summerslam 2017 the WWE COULD have
    put the Universal title on Strowman & told Lesnar
    to go home...but they didn't & ever since Strowman
    has been slowly losing what made his special in
    the first place.

    A clean loss at No Mercy, another title match failure
    at the Royal Rumble, teaming with "Valley Girl" Bliss
    in the MMC, musical "skits" with Elias & of course...
    teaming with some random kid at Wrestlemania. It all
    seems like the WWE is trying to stall Strowman's momentum...
    like they're not actually happy with the fact this monster
    heel became such a popular face and they are trying to
    take away what made him so special & got him over in
    the first place. Hell...this poll could be the WWE seeing
    if the brakes they are trying to apply to Strowman's
    career are actually working.

    Now I'm all for character development...but I personally
    do not believe Strowman is being developed in the right

    The guy was imposing & scary, he was like a force of
    nature that couldn't be reasoned with and that's what
    made him a compelling performer to watch.

    Braun Strowman should be throwing people through
    walls, tipping over vehicles & generally causing complete
    chaos & mayhem in an attempt to get his hands on the
    Universal title...not teaming with Bliss & some random
    kid in tag matches.

    Of course the fact this is happening to Strowman doesn't
    surprise me because the WWE has made it clear they only
    care about one guy "getting over" & its one guy who never

    I'd say move Strowman to SDL & let him have a run with the
    World title...but we all know that isn't going to happen.
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  5. I mean, of course. This is how he got over.

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  6. He still is. Braun is still imposing and a force of nature. Maybe he isn't as scary now, but everyone else on the roster is scared of shittless of him. Strowman recently destroyed one of the best tag teams in WWE in a handicap match. He is still being booked as being extremely overpowered. I think WWE have just given him a personality that makes him a more endearing character. I don't think they want to stop Brauns momentum, they are just reacting to the crowd reactions. Can't blame them. But you can criticise the direction of the character.

    What got Braun over was that he did crazy spots that raised your heart rate. But I think one of the main reasons he got over was that he was funny. when he said "I'm not finished with you" to Roman. That was legit funny. And Braun has been doing funny stuff ever since and has got a huge reaction. The difference is, originally he was unintentionally funny. Now, Braun is trying to be funny. IMO that makes him less funny and charming. But it's clearly working. But just like if Braun did crazy spots every week, him doing something goofy every week will get stale. That's why I think it's clever that WWE have added to Brauns character so that the big crazy spots don't get stale.

    I don't mind Braun doing funny stuff, as long as it does not conflict with Brauns character. I loved Braun coming out of a garbage truck. But, Brain Strowman seemed like it didn't fit his character.

    I think he still is doing that sort of shit. I don't watch MMC, so I don't know about his relationship with Bliss. As for him teaming with a kid, I can totally see why people don't like that. But at least it fits Brauns character. Why would Braun pick anyone else other than a kid he randomly picked from the crowd minutes before the match starts? That's Braun Strowman all over.

    As of right now Braun is over like rover. Looks like that is going to continue. Unless WWE make him look weak like what they did with Kane and Big Show.
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  7. I understand your point of view...

    I just don't like what has been done with Braun since Summerslam 2017...
    and while he's still is over with the majority of the WWE audience...he has
    lost a lot of his appeal for me personally.

    But then...I'm just one guy half the world away watching the WWE product,
    forming own opinions through my own perspective.

    If most of or all the WWE fans are happy with Braun's booking...then good
    for them...

    I'm not.
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  8. Just in a matter of interest, How would you book Braun going forward?
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  9. Damn, I remember when I hated on Ryback cause I saw no qualities in him and he got released.
    Obviously Braun is better than Ryback, but not a fan of him either. I think he'll have a Big Show role for the next decade. He's shown he can do different character traits so he has value.

    Although, just gonna wait for people to turn on him.
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  10. Pretty much inevitable.
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  11. Well...first I think he needs some backstory...some history...
    perhaps going back to a time before he was a member of
    the Wyatt Family.

    Possibly some kind of "reconciliation" with Bray now he
    is also a face...perhaps have Bray be happy for Braun
    that he has had reached his full potential. A potential
    Abigail told him about.

    Just a some simple backstage interaction...nothing to
    deep or serious...just something to give Braun some

    Now as far as him going forward...well...I'd put the Universal
    title on him ASAP & have him feud with Samoa Joe.

    Give Braun & Joe a pay per view main event street fight that
    allows both of them to go all out while Joe tries to break Braun
    down with submission holds while Braun just keeps using
    anything he can lift as a weapon against Joe.

    Have these two push each other to their very limits...and if
    the match is booked won't matter who wins...because
    both guys will look like absolute beasts afterwards.

    Or perhaps they could swap Strowman for Corbin & have
    Braun have a reign with the World title on SDL.

    As much as I like Styles as the World Champion...Braun
    needs something...something serious & meaningful to
    keep his career moving forward in a positive manner.

    Of I've said...the WWE is willing to ignore those
    on their roster who get over naturally in favor of endlessly
    trying to get their "Chosen One" over.

    Its a sad state of affairs...

    I'd like to think I'm not turning on Braun...I like Braun...the
    guy improved so quickly & he is very entertaining too watch...
    hell...I remember making fun of the guy when he was first
    split from the Wyatt Family...I believe I was calling him
    "Big McLargeHuge" for months before even I realized he
    was working.

    I just think his booking has been stagnant & pointless since
    No Mercy 2017.

    Not if he's booked correctly.
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  12. People are gonna turn on Braun no matter what, like sorry to burst anyone's bubble.

    Yes, he has improved. But the main reason people started cheering him was because he was booked super strong against Roman Reigns. And lets say if Braun is drafted away from Reigns, people will be disappointed that Braun has the title rather than someone like a Shinsuke, Joe, Roode, Rollins, etc.

    Braun is protected as hell too. If he's booked strong against everyone else as well, won't be hard for people to start turning on him.
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  13. So...the fans will turn on Braun because he's booked the same way the Plank of Wood is?
  14. When people turn on him, turn him heel. Problem solved.

    Edit: Heel Braun v Face Balor. Heel Braun opens up a lot of storylines. I dont see him turing heel for a long time tho
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  15. Well...he was meant to be a heel originally...
    until beating the fuck out of Roman made
    him a fan favorite face.

    In would you turn Braun heel?

    The only guys on the roster he could attack
    to turn heel would be...Styles & Bryan right?
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  16. Basically.
    People just don't see it yet. It's not that hard to like predict this stuff tbh. Like predicting Enzo and Cass would break up within a year was easy and that Cass would be hated. (tbf Enzo hated too, but no way to predict that.)
    lol, you're giving WWE too much credit.
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  17. Have him get really angry and do something really shocking to someone that makes the fans feel really uncomfortable. Kinda like King Kong. I think Braun has no remorse over his actions, so he is naturally a heel but they just gotta make him serious.
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