News Braun Strowman Reportedly Said ‘F*ck Your Son’ to Karen Jarrett

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Jul 24, 2013
As previously reported, Karen Jarrett mentioned the bar incident with Braun Strowman during a conference call yesterday and downplayed the story by describing it as two people in the wrestling business playing their characters, being silly and it got blown way out of proportion.”

Dave Meltzer provided even more details in the latest installment of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter and revealed that when Karen approached Strowman for an autograph for her son, Strowman responded, “Fuck your son.” This apparently started the entire situation at the bar and Strowman didn’t recognize Jarrett at first and immediately apologized.

Both were reportedly drinking but Karen was upset because Strowman shouldn’t have said that to a woman no matter who is the father of her children.

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