News Braun Strowman Reveals Ridiculous Chipolte Order He Gets

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  1. While speaking to Brian Fritz of Between the Ropes, Braun Strowman mentioned that he spends around $150 a week at Chipolte and revealed exactly what he orders when he goes.

    “It’s my guilty pleasure, even though I’m trying to get Chipotle to sponsor me, because I spend $150 a week in there,” Strowman revealed. “It’s $25 dollars for every bowl. It’s three scoops of steak, two scoops of chicken, double guacamole, cheese, sour cream, and corn.”

    You can check out the interview embedded in the video below:

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  2. I love chipotle. (Especially when A nice guy offer's to pay for your lunch :emoji_wink: )
    I tend to get MINE With:
    Brown Rice with
    1 scoop black beans,
    2 scoops of Barbaquoa,
    Sweat Corn
    Mozz Cheese,
    Guacamole and A tiny bit more cheese so the Guac doesnt stick to the lid. LESS THAN $20