News Bray dropping hints that Kane returns as Wyatt member

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 5, 2013.

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  1. No fucking way. Kane cant join the Wyatts they suck
  2. Man that would be so fucking awesome, love the Wyatt's
  3. Ohhhh shit.
  4. I'd rather him be a brainwashed slave to them tbh.
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  5. As a huge Kane mark, I'd love to see this.
  6. Nice, im assuming that is what will bring Taker back. I guess that means taker @ HIAC.
  7. Maybe he's just showing he's obsessed with Kane. Or maybe he's just spoiling us what'll happen when Kane returns... Who knows?
  8. how is that spoiling? All you can do is speculate.
  9. Kane joining the Wyatt's would ruin the group.. Keep him the hell away from the Wyatt Family.
  10. Why though? No one cares about Kane. He doesn't fit at all into the group. I'd rather see Bray just use Rowan & Harper as his muscle.

    Sounds terrible.
  11. Oh man, that would be sweet!! i`d love to se that
  12. Umm, does this mean they 'adopted' Kane? Will he wear a sheep mask as well? Do we *really* care?
  13. If he returns as a Wyatt family member, he should shave his head again. He looks more like a freak that way and that would only look appropriate for him if he's gonna belong to their ilk. (He should be bald again in real life anyway, from shooting See No Evil 2.)

    I can't really see this happening, though. Kane might tease being 'one of them' for awhile, but he'll quickly turn on them if he does. Or the Undertaker will return and cause him to snap out of it, setting up a handicap match between the Brothers Of Destruction and the Wyatt Family at Survivor Series.
  14. Just imagine Kane as a mindless drone to do Bray's bidding.
  15. Kane being their brainwashed slave for a while and Taker returning and getting him out of it would be pretty cool.
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  16. I have no idea how this could work, honestly. They have nothing for Bray OUTSIDE of facing Kane again, and HIAC seems pretty appropriate for that to happen. Also, Kane would have to come back as a feared monster, which he couldn't be further from after his Tag title run and shit he did after.

    I'm expecting him to come back as a slave for ONE show, two max. Hoping to see Taker ASAP, but wasnt he out with a surgery until close to RR? I really dont want to see Wyatt only come out to watch the others have matches, only to come in ring, rock his finisher on an already beaten opponent, and cut a promo. I dont know who he can realistically feud with besides Kane at this point, though.
  17. Kane returning as a brainwashed member of the Wyatt Family is actually the only thing that makes sense concerning the fact that the last time we saw him, he was being carried out by the Wyatt Family after losing to him.

    The only other ending that makes sense, given the characterization of a "crazy voodoo cult family" the Wyatts have, is for them to have taken Kane into a copse of trees somewhere and ritually murdered him before using his corpse to repeatedly pleasure themselves.

    But that wouldn't be PG, so I'm going with him being a brainwashed slave.

  18. pretty sure they could have buried him/disposed of him in their minds, and IMO thats what that weird tweet picture WWE posted is. Kane, and hopefully Taker, you know, since Paul Bearer is dead.
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