Bray is re born

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jun 7, 2014.

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  1. Bray said on Smackdown he is re born now. I hope this is a new push for him he shouldnt of lost to Cena IMO, how do you see Bray's push happening?
  2. shouldnt have.
  3. Shouldn't have lost to Cena? I agree but it was expecting if that makes sense, at least he got a decent rub from all the build up.
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  4. I dont watch Smackdown. Call me Cynthio Johnson.
  5. No idea what he could do right now, maybe manage Rowan and Harper to win the tag titles. Or work some shit with Sheamus, no idea to be honest.
  6. manage bro? Come on.

    He is going to wild card vs someone random, I think if he was challenged by Stephanie Mcmahon in ring and came out, he could work a really amazing feud with HHH in something we could really grasp into. It could help them reel in the loss vs DB and get a smart Face turn, just not in the traditional way. HHH vs Wyatt could be a million times better than cena.
  7. Even though I could see this happening along the way, I don't think it would be that good right now. Triple H just lost 2 PPV matches on a row, if he loses again it will make him look like a pussy IMO. But I suppose they could make them both look strong with some crazy booking, I just can't see that happening.
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  8. I think that the best way to continue Bray Wyatt's push would be for him to participate in the MITB ladder match. I agree that Bray should not have lost to Cena at Payback as it ended the feud exactly how every/most Cena vs. Heel feuds ends. I don't think that a Bray Wyatt MITB win is bad for business at all, it also helps re-build any momentum lost in the Cena feud.
  9. Book him in the MITB Championship match and have him win the title, preferably tipping over the ladder with Cena on it in the moments leading up to his victory just so that he can get the 'last word' on Cena before going on to other things (assuming he didn't retain the title against him in one final encounter between the two at Battleground.) A WWE Championship feud between Wyatt and Bryan in the Summer (and the Fall if they stretch it out till Hell In A Cell) would be great imo. And I don't know of a more logical place for Wyatt to land in at the moment without falling down the card hard.
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  10. I like it, and Bray could pull it off, but WHY? Why does he care about being the man in the company? Why does he even care about a belt?
  11. He's not in a position to win the title now. In the long, drawn-out feud with Cena, his character was run into the ground. Bray was giving promos on RAW and SD every week, in the same style he had been a year ago when he joined the main roster, and they began to feel like filler, damaging his character. That "whole world..." song that they tried so hard to get over sucked, and he should just stick to saying a couple of lines and then 'follow the buzzards.' They need to cool Bray down now. The loss at MITB won't mean anything and then he should probably miss the BattleGround PPV. Then push him back into the main-event picture by giving him a big feud for SummerSlam.
  12. Here's a reasonable explanation: If you're the world champion, then you're the "face of the company", at least for as long as you hold the championship. If Wyatt is "the face of the company", then that provides him with the best possible platform to spread his message to the WWE Universe, it means it's his face plastered on all the posters and advertisements for WWE events and products. Is this not exactly what Wyatt wants? For everyone to flock towards him en masse and embrace his way of thinking? That seems to be as good a reason as any for wanting to become the champion. And it's almost completely identical to why he targeted John Cena, because he realized Cena was that guy that everyone (well, most everyone) looked to and followed as a role model. He wanted to take apart people's perception of Cena and replace it with his own. Wanting to become world champion is a huge step towards becoming the face of the company, which would be striving to obtain the same exact goal, only on a much larger scale than before.

    That's as logical reason as any as for why he would always want to become champion. And it's wrestling, so it doesn't have to be profoundly deep or anything (although that is pretty deep for the Wyatt character.) It would be akin to a Jim Jones-like cult leader wanting to become the President so that he could sway the entire public into his brainwashed way of thinking (reminds me of part of the plot of Resident Evil 4 lol.) Wyatt is a huge character and performer that they're investing heavily in for the future, they can't have him not challenge for the world title at some point.
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  13. While I absolutely 100% love that idea, is WWE pr enough to do it? I know people love Bray, and I would be so into all that, do you honestly think it's possible?

    As in do you think Bray winning the belt is a possibility with the authority vs shield being the #1 feud, with at least Orton being involved? God if Bray won and he was on twice a night (ala cm punk and so many others before) I would mark so damn hard for. The promos would have to be kept as is or possibly this could be the tv-14 move now that they have the TV deal. God i would honestly love that build, as long as his first defense isnt vs Cena....although DB vs Cena vs Bray at HIAC could be absolutely amazing (Ortons reason for being in MITB was no cash in) and I would buy that ppv for real on that basis alone.
  14. Well, Bray Wyatt will never be the long-term face of the company, especially as a heel. That would simply be his reasoning behind wanting to win the championship. So I don't see a reason why WWE should be afraid to pull the trigger on it. While people do love Bray, he is still a heel and would be booked as such for the entirety of his title reign and the commentators would constantly be talking about how they hope people aren't earnestly falling for Bray's message, so it's not like WWE would honestly be endorsing him and his character's message or anything. In this case, it would all be a set up for another babyface (i.e. Daniel Bryan) to take him down, and how fitting for Bryan to do it, given that he once stumbled to Wyatt's message himself but found the strength to break free of it.

    I personally wouldn't mind if Cena was Wyatt's first successful defense. At least he'd be picking up a pinfall victory over him (as he should have done at Wrestlemania), which they couldn't even afford to him at Extreme Rules when he won the Steel Cage match.

    I wish Orton would go back to being babyface sooner than later since separate feuds between he and Bray Wyatt and Brock Lesnar are both something I'd look forward to.
  15. Bray should win MITB and be the new champion thats the only way to save him
  16. I don't think he needs saving, I actually think Bray is progressing just fine as a WWE superstar.

    However, I would be in favour of Bray winning his first world title at MITB. I think right now Bray has as good of a chance as any man of winning the belts.
  17. bray wyatt needs to stop using the lord's name in vein
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  18. I agree.

    @Solid Snake does too.
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  19. If he doesn't, he could go to hale.

  20. Cena will loosen it up, Bray will get him down and Sister Abigail him, then as Bray recovers BOOM a Brogue kick right to the face, Sheamus does his little fella chest pound taunt and as he turns around a SPEAR BY ROMAN REIGNS..meanwhile ADR and Cesaro are circle jerking off to the side.. R^2 climbs the ladder and pulls it down for the victory.
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