Bray vs Bo come on WWE book this match

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, May 23, 2014.

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  1. Bray vs Bo come on WWE book this match you know its going to happen sooner or later Bo can do his promo about believing and Bray can sing that song the whole world in his hands how crazy would that be lol
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  2. Didn't you say that there was a one-Rotundo limit in the main roster? Now you want them to fight? Plus, they're both heels.
  3. Bray vs Bo on Raw would be an awesome match
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  4. Its something that could happen in the future but not right now.

    But in time with Wyatt indoctrinating people and Bo making Bo-Lievers they could feud over something along those lines, over who's methods are best.
  5. We'll see it. Just not yet.

    And it'll be a hell of a match.

  6. BLFFL... if your record holds true then 6-8 months from now there will be a Bo vs Bray feud ongoing.
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  7. Inb4 Bo was sister Abigail all along. :kiss:
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  8. lolololol :dawg:

    Didn't Bray say she was dead tho? or did I imagine that part haha.

    Regardless Bo as Sister Abigail makes perfect sense:hmm:
  9. um do you guys know that bray Wyatt and bo are real brother in life right if you want to see that it be like the same brother feuds in wwe
  10. I think WWE, since they are WWE, they will try as hard as they possibly can to keep Bo and Bray away from each other.
  11. You're right.....until it will make some money for them to face one another.

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  12. Basically why Goldust was resigned; they felt that would make good money and I feel like they had a decent buzz behind them for awhile until people really wanted to see the Usos hold the copper belts.

    Speaking of the Usos it'd be pretty funny if they split up for a few weeks and feuded with each other.
  13. Conflicting ideologies. Could be entertaining tbh.
  14. Idiot savant's for the win. I cant even talk trash at BLFFL anymore, her track record is really on point.
  15. Call me crazy, But it's not a bad idea!
  16. Way too early to feed Bo to Bray and if Bo goes over, Bray looks awful
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  17. I have got three predictions right Brock beating the streak, Paige debuting after WM and Wade winning the IC title and my next prediction will be Bray vs Bo will happen
  18. marry me.
  19. I don't feel like going all the way back through all 19 posts on this thread (I got shit to do, what can I say?), but I do have a question.

    Has anybody argued with the idea that Bray vs. Bo will eventually happen?

    I mean, if we're going to take victory laps for obvious predictions, I'm going to predict that John Cena will headline a PPV at some point in the future.

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