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  1. well we all know this is happening at roadblock now, but what will be the outcome? Will Brock simply dismantle bray and the wyatts to make a point that he will kill Dean Ambrose?

    I don't mind Brock facing bray as it'll be cool to watch, but what's the angle here and what will happen? I know Brock will win... But how and will he simply kill the whole Wyatt family and walk away?

  2. Lesnar wins, plain and simple. :21-1:
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  3. Hopefully they forgo any idea that involves Lesnar leaving the entire Family lying motionless and scattered all across the ring like a bunch of jobbers. It would especially be ridiculous considering 1/4 of the Family is a huge colossus beast like Braun Strowman. The idea that Brock "needs to look strong" for Ambrose is ridiculous considering A. He already looks like a God compared to everyone else on the roster, and B. Ambrose is already a massive underdog compared to him. That's literally the entire premise of their feud - That Dean looks like he has no chance of winning, even in a no holds barred street fight. No need to have Brock steamroll through what is supposed to be the most dangerous stable in the WWE just so he can look even more invincible.

    Hopefully The Wyatts jump in and cause a DQ ending early on and save Bray from yet another loss. It's no secret that Brock vs Strowman is the big match they want Lesnar to have at Summerslam, so this will mostly be used as a vehicle to plant the early, early seeds for it.
  4. You really think they're building a strowman vs Brock match for summerslam? That sounds beyond underwhelming. I mean everyone thought it might be strowman vs taker at mania while Brock fought bray and look how that turned out - it's not happening.

    I'm not saying that it's impossible, but highly unlikely. So far, Brock has literally man handled and dismantled all the wyatts. And now it seems he will do the same and kill bray leading into his match with Dean. Having him fight strowman after this, at the second biggest PPV of the year, seems silly.
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  5. Well, that's just what the sheets are saying. But considering Vince is high on Strowman and that he's the largest and strongest guy of the entire Wyatt Family, I could see why a Brock/Strowman match might interest them. Bray could 'sic' Strowman onto Brock and let his beast try to take out THE Beast, since Bray would be smart enough to know he can't do it himself.
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  6. Overall, another case in which WWE clearly have no fucking idea what they are doing.

    They atttempt to start the storyline involving the Wyatts and Brock Lesnar during the Royal Rumble, ultimate goal being Bray vs Brock at Mania yet the very next day the whole thing is forgotten. As if it wasn't iffy enough that Brock didn't react whatsoever after being screwed over during the Rumble (chose to just...walk away after getting eliminated), no mention was made at all the following night on RAW when we all expected a fuming Lesnar seeking revenge.

    WWE instead decide, for whatever reason, to scrap the whole thing as if it never happened and book Brock vs Dean for Mania (which is fine, don't get me wrong) but now they give us Brock vs Bray at...Cockblock? For real? How on earth does this make any sense?

    By the way, there's some talk that Lesnar isn't excactly pleased with being booked against Dean Ambrose and that he actually preferred to face Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania, as was the original plan. It could be just a silly rumor but I wouldn't be surprised at all if indeed there was some truth to it...
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  7. WWE is killing storylines and characters BIG time
  8. DQ finish probably, but Brock will look dominant.
  9. The Ryback would win so they likely will get DQ'd quick before the Big Guy notices they are out there
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