Bray Wyatt...another WWE screw up.

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  1. I was just thinking remember when The Rock was interrupted at Wrestlemania 32 by the Wyatt family? The Rock ended up making fun of the looks of the Wyatts but then he pays respect to Bray. The Rock, the most electrifying man in entertainment, tells Bray Wyatt he has it all. The crowd then starts doing the YES chant. How that did not tell the WWE writers to push Bray is beyond me. I am so frustrated with them wasting his talents when he deserves a singles push. The Wyatt family is an old bit to me. Bray plays his part perfectly and needs a singles push. Until then we will continue to see WWE mishandle one of the most charismatic superstars. What are some of your guys' opinions on Bray?
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  2. Lets hope that the Brand Split will finally give him the opportunity to be a top player for the championship on his respected brand
  3. WWE looks and uses him as a good hand. He makes his opponents look like gold. But his work is showcased and he's put over, in other ways, without winning. This is a simple booking strategy that's been used for decades. It allows for the face to look more heroic while also allowing the last roadblock (Wyatt) to stay in place. It's basically a strategy to put over the face, but keeping the heel credible enough to be able to put others over and still have an effective drawing factor.

    You look at guys like Vader, Mark Henry, Umaga, Andre the Giant and Kane. With the exception of Andre the Giant, they've all been monster heels with little to no major success in the WWE. Even Andre can't be exempt because his "first" loss came as soon as he turned heel, and put over numerous names afterwards, but was good enough to keep putting people over.

    Vader, was a great star in WCW but this type of push fell into his career during his WWE run. He was the man that was used to put over Mark Henry and Kane, and was good until he was jobbing to guys like Marc Mero which was when his credibility was gone.

    Umaga was never a world champion but was able to get CM Punk over before his big break. He made John Cena and Bobby Lashley look like a million bucks, despite doing the job within three months of each other. He also allowed Jeff Hardy to transcend into the main event.

    Mark Henry has had an on/off again run as a monster heel, but the fact that he can still be pushed like that shows that it's working. His run as World champion was a great run, but he was able to make Daniel Bryan look like gold, and was a stepping stone and a vital part in allowing him to engage the main events of the WWE.

    Kane is a prime example. He has put over everyone, but is still credible enough to come back to a good pop and put on a good match. We have super fans on this forum, and he's been active for 19 years. That's an amazing feat, and proves that titles don't prove longevity. He's convincing enough to put people over, without hurting his image. It's a great fit for Kane, at this point in his career.

    So basically, they kind of aren't wasting his talents. He's being used good, since we have a vocal amount of people clamoring for his success, which is a clear sign of being over. But they kind of are, because Bray can work this type of heel, and a champion monster heel with solid singles success.
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    Bray Wyatt has definitely been the prime victim of the Authority's vice grip over the main event heel spot for close to 3 years. The Authority tenure ensured that no non-Authority heel except Lesnar could have ever had a sustained program at the top of the show. Orton first, then Rollins and later Sheamus for a little while followed by Triple H himself ensured that no new generation heels could attain even a modicum of the attention and spotlight necessary to elevate themselves.

    It isn't like there is a dearth of good, potential main event level heels on the roster, they just have been stopped right in their tracks by the glass ceiling put in place by the Authority. Wyatt, Owens, Del Rio, Barrett, Sheamus, Rusev all could have been built up to be main event level heels possessing the legitimacy to main event PPVs in prolonged programs if the Authority didn't have such a monopoly over the main event heel spot.

    Wyatt, indeed has been the one who has bore the brunt of this situation, as his entire main roster tenure has coincided with the Authority's run. Ideally, he should have been cemented as a main event heel in mid 2015 if not late 2014 itself when he main evented his first PPV at TLC-14, the time when Authority had well and truly run it's course and the roster was looking thin on new generation top heels. With the bran split and The Authority finally getting away from the spotlight, I'm pretty optimistic about a lot of performers finally getting their chance at the top. Some interesting times coming up ahead indeed.
  5. We get your point. No need for 5 posts lol
  6. I agree with what you're saying to extent, but superstars are seen as more of a threat or more challenging when they actually win and have some credibility behind them. Bray hasn't even won a world title, nor won big match situations unless he ultimately loses (there may be a couple cases).

    Bray needs a real push and needs to seek more dangerous because, as of right now, the wyatts have no stance on being a threat to anyone. All they do is really lose.
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