Bray Wyatt cuts amazing promo

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Feb 10, 2013.

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  1. [video=youtube][/video]

    This was leaked a while ago along with some other promos by other NXT wrestlers but pulled down quickly. Now it is back up. And by god I get goosebumps. Wyatt is amazing.
  2. That was awesome! Such an awesome character, love his cries of insanity.

    And that impression of Regal :lol1:! Is this guy healthy yet?
  3. I agree that he's amazing. He plays his character so well, this promo seems so real and somewhat creepy. I love this guy, hope he makes it far with this gimmick.
  4. Think he did a dark match at the latest NXT tapings. Also he attacked Bo Dallas at the end of the last episode, writing him off of NXT.
  5. Awesome character and he plays it wonderfully.
  6. If I understand it correctly the developmental wrestlers have more say on their characters and can help develop them. This is if that is the case prime evidence on what can happen when someone gets to have creative control and try new thing.
  7. To think that this was cut by Husky Harris, who was by far one of my least favorites during that season. I'm not sure if he improved in the ring, as I haven't been following, but this promo really was incredible. Think I'm going to have to go and check out more stuff by this dude.
  8. We've all seen that you don't have to be great in the ring to draw. If they let him keep this gimmick and run with it on the main roster, I'm sure he'll get over, even if his matches are sub par.
  9. This was a fantastic promo. For those who doubt his ring work: he incorporates his gimmick incredibly well into his ring-work which immediately makes him better than most. I wish he would be a loner though. I'm not a fan of his stable at all; they bore me to tears.
  10. All that is true but none of it changes the fact that I thought his matches were really boring back when I watched him as Husky Harris. I'm not able to get behind someone who bores me whenever they wrestle, so I'm curious to see whether he improved in the ring since then for personally reasons, not out of any business model or something to that effect.

    To be fair, not much wrestlers in current day WWE have that much of a gimmick to incorporate into their matches to begin with.

    Any match recommendations?
  11. His match agonist Aiden English I think it was is the match I was referring to. There are lots of other gimmicks out there that are being used, they're just not incorporated into their matches. Admittedly the gimmicks are weak, but you need to do the best with what you are given. Dolph Ziggler's generic heel show-off gimmick is a great example. He will do headstands, swagger-walks and other show-off type stuff during matches to showcase his gimmick.
  12. Great promo, I love Wyatt's gimmick. Also not a really big fan of him being in a stable, would prefer him as a loner but I think it was for him to do something while injured. It's sad how Bo debuted before Wyatt with this new gimmick.
  13. The FCW one or was there also one on NXT, because I couldn't find the NXT one. Granted I didn't search too long but from the FCW bout I got to see it. Either way, thanks for the recommendation, better than Harris definitely (due to the gimmick incorporation mainly).

    As for the gimmick incorporation, all I was saying that it isn't quite fair since Wyatt's gimmick has much more depth and is more suited to be play a role in the match than say the American thing Jack Swagger has or whatever Cody Rhodes gimmick is (all I've been able to come up with from skimming results and seeing like three segments is that he's now playing a generic heel with a mustache). Not taking anything away from Wyatt, but on a totally objective view one would have to take a ratio approach to it. Oh, and yeah Dolph is awesome with that stuff. Loved when he started doing pull-ups using the Chamber last year.
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