WrestleMania Bray Wyatt given another gimmick?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Senhor Perfect, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. Hoping this is horse shit and if/when he debuts on the main roster he's the same character he's been on NXT.
  2. He better not have.
  3. It's WWE. I'd be surprised if this wasn't true.
  4. All it says is he looked different. What is to say that the gimmick is different? He showed up in a fucking apron on NXT a few weeks back.
  5. It said his role looked different.
  6. That he looked different from his managerial role yes. That could imply that he is using a different type of ring gear instead of the slacks, tank top and button up combo.
  7. Or it could not :annoyed:
  8. I find them changing from the very succesfull and over insane preacher gimmick very unlikely. Bray has had great success with it in the developmental system and the last time he did tours with the main roster he got great reactions with it. This sounds to me like just trying out different wardrobes.
  9. Don't see any note on a new gimmick.

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  10. Inb4 he returns as Husky Harris. :lol1:

    Nah, I'll give WWE enough credit that they wouldn't be retarded to groom a gimmick 2 years in development and change it just before the guy gets called up.
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