Bray Wyatt Injured

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by edge4ever, Apr 13, 2016.

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  1. Bray Wyatt suffers injury

    Wtf is going on with WWE. Seriously, I don't think it's just coincidence that these superstars are all getting injured left and right. I know injuries can happen, but this seems crazy to me. Are they simply overworking these guys and it's finally catching up or what?

    What do you all think?
  2. Yes! That's my guess. Here let's have raw on Monday, smackdown Tuesday, house shows every other day of the week oh and on top of that let's take trips cross the world to have shows too!

    They need to slow the hell down. But unfortunately the more shows they do, the more money McMahon gets... and that seems to be what matters.
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  3. Talk about a Wade Barrett 2.0. Things finally seem to be looking up, a face turn in the works. A potential title feud down the line, and then bam! Injured. Sucks for him. You know what that means? Rowan and Strowman power duo!

    At least they've been restacking the roster in the recent weeks.
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  4. That really sucks to hear.

    Get well soon, Bray!
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  5. ehhhhhhhhh
  6. Ehhhhh what? The guy is awesome and was about to finally, maybe, be pushed and then he gets hurt.
  7. Ehhh another injury lol
  8. I almost killed you, cyberly.
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  9. I just hope this doesn't mean they think bray is now "injury prone" and decide to toss him off into the wasteland.
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Please. Enough of the crazy amount of house shows. Mania did millions from the gate alone. Vince, you don't need more money. You're fine. Protect your damn talent!
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  12. Roman's low key taking all of them out by being stiff as fuck. He will do so until he's the only one left standing
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  13. Huh?
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  14. Reigns is hurting his opponents for real so that he can be champion for ever.
  15. Fuck you
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  16. what a way to take a joke lol, bless up
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  17. Reigns is like that one player on your NFL team your not proud to root for.
  18. He was offering... just say no.
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  19. Bray was just coming off of a back injury that was serious enough to keep him off the Wrestlemania card, so perhaps a little more time away from the ring would have been beneficial? Otherwise, it's a little early to be grouping him into Wade Barrett territory just yet. Still shitty and disappointing news either way.
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  20. Ugh... another injury... great....
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