Bray Wyatt Possibly Injured at Tonight's WWE Live Event In Providence

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Oct 13, 2013.

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  3. Good news/bad news

    Good news: He can still stay around and be in his chair during the Rowan/Harper matches, as well as cut promos/vignettes.

    Bad news: no spider walk for a while.
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  4. [​IMG]
    Also, isnt this how you met your wife, Senhor :awyeah:
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  5. :hmm: don't think so.
  6. Good News - He's away for a whie; Bad News - None...
    "The Wyatt Family is a perfect example of what might happen if the casts of 'Duck Dynasty' and 'Deep South Paranormal' interbred."
  7. It's certainly how you decided we could be buddies. :true:
  8. Right, right. I used that one for same sex encounters only.
  9. This is fine since he wasn't doing much anyway
  10. Besides probably facing Kane in 3 weeks at HIAC.
  11. Damn, I love the guy and I really want him to be back soon (to wrestle).
  12. I heard it wasn't very serious. This is pretty bad, Bray gets injured a lot apparently. Hopefully he recovers quickly.
  13. Oh what a shame

    With all due respect Bray was going nowhere he got hyped up and now is doing nothing maybe this injury is a blessing in disguise he can take time off and come back and hopefully WWE will have a feud set up with someone that will go somewhere. And dont hate on me for my comments its my opinion. Also this worked for Ryback when he was in his Skip Sheffield character he got injured and went away for ages and then came back as Ryback and people bought into the character I dont think that would of happened if he continued trying to go from Skip Sheffield to Ryback with no time away to change characters
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  14. Absolutely true. Maybe this'll finally give them a chance to say "Hey, why don't we do something with this dude?"
  15. Reports say that he was wheeled off to the hospital after the show. Possible broken ankle.
  16. Ive just read off my facebook that it was a calf injury. Well whatever injury it is I hope he rests up and comes back and actually makes an impact
  17. BLFFL: Don't trust facebook.
  18. I thought he sucked?
  19. Bray does suck but I guess its WWE fault for not pushing him right as hes just flopped from that hyped debut. And if he is injured then I feel sorry for the guy as hes only just got started and now he could be out for a while
  20. I agree with BLFFL in the sense that Bray Wyatt's WWE career on the main roster so far has sucked.

    We got like 2 months of vignettes and massive hype due to his work on NXT. Then he began by attacking random jobbers after Rowan & Harper had beaten them in filler segments, which was underwhelming. After that he starts to feud with Kane, a guy no one cares about. The match at Summerslam was absolutely horrific and seemed to kill off any momentum that Bray had gained heading into the PPV. Kane, who lacks any credibility as a singles competitor, hits 3 choke slams on Bray before Rowan & Harper help him to win. Bray has done nothing of note since.

    I need more than a few good promos (most of which have been pre-recorded) to start liking someone.

    So, yeah, I think this injury could be a blessing in disguise.
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