News Bray Wyatt posts cryptic MITB tweet

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Jul 14, 2013.

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  2. please don't put him in the MITB match :silva:
  3. Which means he's not going to be in MITB probably. Maybe he'll go after DB? I can't imagine him being kept off the PPV after that debut
  4. Silva face is perfect. I agree. I don't think they will though.
  5. You don't want to see high flying Bray Wyatt's 450 splash?
  6. If Wyatt -gets into the match... Wouldn't it be a really early push?

  7. I think he would perform fine but I just don't want to see him getting overexposed this early in his main roster run.
  8. Show Spoiler

    You should replace it with this
  9. This ^ It wouldnt make sense.
  10. I agree with you. I think he's already gotten too exposed with commentary hyping his debut for about four weeks
  11. Do you think if the Undertaker was a new character today WWE would run a twitter for him? Twitter and the Wyatt character seem as much as a mismatch to me.
  12. Seriously if this is the case does this just prove pushes through the midcard basically never work/happen these days? Seriously, WWE either push somebody massively or just let them job, there's no middle ground. The only way of breaking that glass ceiling is to get so damn over they can't reject you (Ziggler, Bryan, Punk, even Miz for a period).
  13. Why is this green on the forum list?

    OT: I don't really see the point in adding Bray. It's fine as is.

  14. I'm sure Paul Bearer would have been on Twitter but not Taker.

    Two entirely different characters though. I don't see 1.) Why everyone keeps comparing Wyatt to Taker or 2.) Why Wyatt on Twitter is bad. I don't see it as a negative at all.
  15. If he's saying keep your money than it probably means he won't be in the match, but could see him doing a run in.
  16. Undetaker going to open up a twitter.
    "Going to vanquish the souls of my enemies tonight #TeamFollowBack"
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  17. Gross, no thank you. The best option to get him on the PPV and continue his momentum without overexposing him is to let them have a creepy 1-2 minute entrance and cut a succinct, general 3-4 minute promo about what they have in store for the company. We get to see them, but they aren't jumping into a feud or becoming involved with matches (like the ALL STAR mitb match) that they honestly don't belong in at this point.

    Bray Wyatt is dat dude, but I don't want to see him in 1 year suffering from what the Shield is suffering from now. He shouldn't behave like a normal superstar, he needs to feel unique. Just doing a generic run in or quickly being added into MITB matches makes him feel so much more run of the mill.
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  18. Kayfabe wise it doesnt match with character, but other than that i don't see it as a problem either

  19. Idk, it matches up to me. He is a cult leader, why wouldn't he use a platform like twitter to spread his brain washing message to more eyeballs? or just to mock the 'sheep', as he clearly loves to do as we see in the vignettes. He is a sick bastard who likes playing mind games, Taker is a dead person. I think Wyatt has place on Twitter for sure
  20. Well if you saw Raw last week the guy barely had electricity in his house with that beat up old light, candles everywhere. Now imagine that house setting and the he pulls out a smartphone and starts tweeting. It just doesnt match with everything else
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