Bray Wyatt should invest in new ring pants

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Feb 20, 2014.

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  1. Bray Wyatt should invest in new ring pants seriously come on now him constantely pulling up those white pants clearly are ruining his ring time he needs to get some pants and get them fitted correctly so he doesnt have to keep pulling them up
  2. Cena is a white male...and is ripped as hell. He enjoys yoga and has a nice pair of slacks.
  3. I bet Bray got that pants from The Godfather's closet.
  4. Bray should come to the ring in trunks Sunday for the lulz

  5. Bray should dress as a woman, too
  6. He should rock theses bad boys

  7. Bray is overweight theres no way he can wear trunks. He just needs some fitting pants
  8. Bray's not overweight he just has a different body type. Be nice to Bray. He's pleasantly plump.
  9. Or buy a belt?
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  10. He looks like that Chum Lee character from Pawn Stars without the full beard.
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  11. Bray Wyatt should invest in new ring pants..... Why?
  12. He's getting too in shape for the ones that he has on now.
  13. tiny wiener
  14. Size Queen :pity2:
  15. They say its not the size but how you use it. *wink wink* :otunga:
  16. Lol man, without that psycho beard and look, he's just a completely different person.
  17. Everyone knows Bray should wrestle in JNCO Jeans lol
  18. I hope Bray has got some new pants in prep for Elimination Chamber 6 man tag match as if hes gonna have a good amount of ring time then he cant be pulling up his pants every 5 minutes as that will just look awakward
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