Bray Wyatt sucks

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Oct 11, 2013.

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  1. Bray Wyatt sucks him speaking all that rubbish is just dull all that hype has been for nothing
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  2. I believe Bray Wyatt is awesome. His promos are great and the way he acts is also great.
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  3. In a way, she's right. He's been doing absolutely nothing. We're just waiting for Kane's return so he can have something to do.

    But he does not, by any means suck.
  4. Learn2Debate. Counterpoints are easy for this one. He's been booked poorly so she won't be aware of what his talents are in all likelyness.
  5. I know you aren't directing that at me. Crayo already commented at D'Z when he was trying to get her banned, saying he set her straight and she hasnt been a piece of shit lately, but here we go again.

    You cant honestly call a topic "Bray Wyatt Sucks" a debate. It's as quality of a discussion as Count to 10,000 was.

  6. Of course you can. Just say I disagree with your opinion for x,y and z. Boom debate city baby, she words her threads like an idiot absolutely but people should be able to see through that and form a debate. I dislike her threads but the hate she gets is ridiculous at times.
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  7. Absolutely, this is a reason why she could claim he sucks. The hype was immense on forums and his poor booking has left him without any chance to impress. As for BLFFL how much of him have you watched?
  8. It's Bray's gimmick. He's a mentally unstable man.
  9. I guess BLFFL is right. I don't know why I suddenly sit up in my chair a little bit when his music hits.
  10. Does Bray Wyatt really suck though? Is that what you meant to say? What is he sucking at? His mic skills are pretty on point, and to me he seems good in the ring. So, what part about him isn't doing well? Is it the booking you guys don't like? If so, what does that have to do with Bray? I was unaware he booked his own matches, silly me.
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  11. :true:

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  12. Honestly, I think WWE have booked him that poorly that many casuals might feel the same. I was thinking the other day "You know what, Bray actually gets cheers when he says 'we're here'" - sometimes you can say "Good heels tend to get cheered", but in no way is Bray a good heel so far. The reason he gets cheers is because his character is unique - something very rare in WWE - and the dark lights and mysterious gimmick excites the crowd. As a heel though, all he has done is beat up jobbers nobody cares about and cut promos that we can't stop listening to. He has been booked absolutely horrendously for someone who is so talented.

    BLFFL, he doesn't suck. For somebody his size, he is very athletic in the ring. He has a very unique look. He is already one of the best talkers in the WWE. WWE need to give him more heel backstage segments. What happened to the early creativity WWE had with this story? Where they had a reporter go inside the Wyatt house and never return. Segments like that seem to occur when they tease a debut, and then go away once they've already arrived. Where the fuck has the creativity gone with a gimmick that is BASED on creativity?

    Jesus, I could write all day for Bray Wyatt. You can have segments of his contain easter eggs for feuds he has later on in his career. For example, you can have him cut a promo at home about the guy he's currently feuding with, then for one brief second where the camera light shines on the wall, you could have "Cena, beware of the buzzards" written in blood. Boom. If people don't notice it, they can do a #RAWRECAP during his feud with Cena and say things like "Bray has been planning this all along, and Cena had no idea of it". BOOM. GREAT FEUD. Bray is SO easy to write for, now fucking write for him.
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  13. The problem with Wyatt is the matches he's been booked in. Wyatt is a PHENOMINAL talker, one of the best in the company in my opinion, but the matches he has been booked in are bad. Not bad for the fact that Wyatt is a bad wrestler, because Wyatt is a pretty good wrestler for a guy of his size. But the problem is the significance of the matches he has been in. The match with Kane at Summerslam had a decent build-up, just the match type. The Ring of Fire? The match makes no sense whatsoever if the object of the match ISN'T to set your opponent on fire. Now, following his match with Kane, his other matches has been nothing but Bray beating on random jobbers (No offense to Ziggler) and then his match with Kofi, which had about two shows worth of build-up, and very minimal build up at that. WWE nowadays doesn't seem to know how to book good non-title feuds and just end up throwing two random guys together and call it a "feud." And while it may technically be a feud, it isn't a meaningful one.
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  14. I don't know exactly how hard it is to transition from NXT Creative to the main show, everything's obviously much different, but after this character that got all of us NXT Fanboys buzzing and creaming ourselves in anticipation for being so messed up really makes me wonder just how much of a difference calling them up to do Raw Creative will do. Doubt it'll be much (thanks, Vince) but it's worth a shot. Think most of us realized the Wyatts couldn't do exactly what they did on NXT, it would have to go beyond that, but the gimmick simply feels regressed thanks to booking.

    It's just another case of Raw being the only show (not TNA, not ROH, not even NXT) that being a mid-carder is seen as a bad thing by the fans. Why? Because that's what you've written for us to believe. You call these guys up and plan to use them to write Kane off TV. Good. Now book something after that... yeah great job. Now he's just feuding with random faces the fans can't get behind.

    The Wyatt character's definitely one that you can make an feud so interesting with that it'll make you interested in both characters, and even if he wins a feud with a guy like Kofi both men would be elevated by the intrigue of the feud, but no. He just came out and talked to Kofi and that's the feud. Why did Bray attack Kofi? What did Bray have to gain for beating up Kofi? What kind of satisfaction does Bray get from the mind games? Why would Bray be so vicious in his attacks on Kofi that' we'd be so interested in his battle to survive the vicious Wyatts? You don't have to answer all these questions, but you get the point. It's stuff like this that gets us behind characters, seeing them as truly dark and twisted instead of just a dude with a lamp with a couple of homeless-looking guys trailing him. We need more stuff like that, and less stuff like him interrupting MizTV for no reason, getting outsmarted by the Miz (don't get me started) then stopping the attack just to give some generic horror movie pose.

    Oh, right, this is about the Wyatts and not just giving a generic long-winded mid-card rant: Bray's an excellent talker, a fine worker, has an intimidating look, certainly has a presence, and has a fantastic character. He's a five-star talent and then some, with his "sons" sharing most of those same traits. They're far from "suck", but the booking says otherwise.
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  15. This makes a strange kind of sense, though. Remember, the Bray Wyatt character is based, very loosely, on the character of Max Cady in the movie Cape Fear, particularly the version of him from the 1991 remake that featured Robert DeNiro in the role. What is probably the most disturbing thing about Cady is that he is so damn likable. Watching the movie, you find yourself liking this evil, despicable character.

    Of all of the aspects of the Cady character that came into the Bray Wyatt character, the one Husky (or Wyndham, if you prefer) captured the best was that dark likability and charisma. So, people unacquainted with the character (the "casuals", as we refer to them), he might be cheered. Characters like this are dangerous for just that reason, from a storytelling standpoint. You can never be sure how the crowd's going to react.

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  16. Great reference with Cape Fear, I did not know that. I was under the impression it was Manson Family influenced.
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  17. I completely agree. You need to think that all that, mixed with the fact WWE very rarely debut interesting characters, is going to play on the casuals mind. It's the same with Ambrose in a sense; Joker was absolutely loved as the bad guy in The Dark Knight, and Ambrose's character is pretty similar to Heath Ledger's version, but you'll never know if they can get it over as a heel if you don't book them like one. Bray has done literally nothing heel-ish during this run apart from take out Kane. I can sympathise with WWE as there isn't really a face over enough for them to put him up against without shooting him to the top too soon.
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  18. All talk no action thats what he is. Seriously WWE made a big deal on his debut and now look weeks later hes doing nothing. Just do something or get the fuck out and all that beating up random wrestlers doesnt mean shit get feuding with someone and build up a story
  19. They had something with Kane, using Bray to write him off so he at least has a story prepared for a later time. The gap hasn't been well thought out I agree but he is building a story. This corporation storyline has pushed most things to nothing sadly.
  20. Can I ask again how any of your points make Bray Wyatt suck? You never answered my previous post, instead you just continued to prove my point. W/e You're impossible.
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