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And suddenly, we’re scared for Y2J.

We got a filler episode of “Firefly FunHouse” last Monday (rumored to be because the host was home with JoJo and their newborn son Knash Sixx), but the disturbed mind of Bray Wyatt doesn’t rest for long.

With All Elite Wrestling in the news, Wyatt sought out the man main eventing their debut PPV to make amends. Bray particularly shouted out a hidden gem mini-feud he had with Chris Jericho back in the early days of NXT (and if you haven’t seen their 2013 match or any of the Wyatt Family stuff from Triple H’s territory, it’s well worth seeking out). He also says sorry for their main roster feud the following year, which included Y2J putting the Eater of Worlds over at SummerSlam and in a steel cage match on Raw.

Then he ties it back to the still unacknowledged apologies he sent to a couple of Shield Bros. Honestly, I’m scared for all involved.

I want to apologize formally to @IAmJericho for the strife I once put him and his family through. And thank him for the memories . Lest we forget that it was a match between him and my old body that put NXT in the limelight! Yowie Wowie!!

What do ya say maaaan?
Friends forever?

— Bray Wyatt (@WWEBrayWyatt) May 24, 2019
Also @IAmJericho,

If you see @WWERomanReigns or @WWERollins tell them I’m still waiting on their reply....anxiously.

It’s hard for me.

I’m pretty much worried sick about them.

— Bray Wyatt (@WWEBrayWyatt) May 24, 2019
While most of us still apply the “if WWE doesn’t f*** it up” asterisk to Wyatt’s new gimmick, that doesn’t change how great it is, or the chilling work Bray’s done with it since he got a collective WTF from the audience when he first walked out on the FunHouse set.

This batch of tweets is a great example of that work - funny, and creepy, and piquing our interest for whatever’s coming next.

I’m pretty sure Jericho’s safe at Double or Nothing.

But if I were Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns? I’d definitely sleep with a light on.

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