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Discussion in 'RAW' started by edge4ever, Aug 26, 2014.

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    Hey All,

    As I'm sure you all know, Wyatt got killed by Cena on Raw. It was supposed to be "comparable" to the beating that Cena took at SummerSlam at the hands of Brock Lesnar. I had to post something about this match as I thought it was complete garbage and made Bray Wyatt look very, very weak.

    First off, Bray and Cena just got done battling not too long ago. Not only was Wyatt a formidable opponent for Cena, but he holds a victory over him as well (Extreme Rules). Having Wyatt get stomped on by Cena and suplexed numerous times is ridiculous.

    Second, Bray and Cena's last match was great and Bray almost won that contest. It was a very back and forth match. This match on Raw, however, made everything that Bray's done to Cena look like a joke.

    Lastly, I'm just disappointed with how WWE handled this situation. I understand they want to make Cena look strong and powerful, but having him kill Bray, a man who he struggled fighting in 3 straight matches, is stupid and makes no sense. It belittles Bray and makes him look weak heading into a match with Jericho.

    Thoughts? Opinions? Concerns?
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  2. Can't argue with everything that you've just written. Everything about your post is correct. Guess Cena's the best at burying talent.
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  3. In this case, yes, he totally buried Bray being one of the top heels.
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    That was the point. Bray Wyatt was a pretty formidable opponent for Cena earlier this year, yet Cena with his new-found aggression was able to run through him now like it was no problem (although to be fair, it took four people just to defeat Cena by escaping the cage at Extreme Rules back in May.) The Cena you saw get squashed at Summerslam isn't gonna be the same Cena you see at Night Of Champions. I know it's a shame that Bray had to be sacrificed in this case, but still. If he were just running through people like Titus O'Neal, no one would care or make a big deal out of it. Cena even on his worst day could squash guys like him with no problem.

    I personally don't care for it much either (although I didn't even pay attention to the match, I'm just going by what others are saying about it), especially since they're putting Wyatt over Jericho (presumingly for a second time at Night Of Champions) and making him look like a nobody to John Cena does no one any favors. I would have just as well preferred seeing Rocky-like training videos like they've done this with Cena in the past where they show him training more for one match than he's ever trained before, but it is what it is.
  5. Well, I get the "point" behind why they did it. I simply don't agree with it being Bray, however. You have a young talent, up and coming, lots of potential, and you have Cena bury him simply because he needs to look strong against Brock.....silly WWE bs. Have him run through Kane? Idk someone else?

    Yes, exactly, this makes both Jericho and Bray's match look stupid. Like Wyatt beat Jericho, a man who's beaten Cena before, but Wyatt was literally killed by Cena on Raw 3 weeks ago....makes no sense.

    I would rather see videos like that as well, but even if they wanted to go this route, doing it with Bray is dumb. Kane or orton, someone else.
  6. Granted, I didn't see the segment. So take this post with a grain of salt.

    As crazy as it is... there was a burial here, but it wasn't the Wyatt Family who still haven't recovered from Battleground. Rather, the person buried was John Cena himself.

    One of the biggest issues with the Cena character was that he was overpushed. He was 2-3 steps above the rest of the WWE roster, which, combined with all the other complaints we can make about the Cena character, made every young talent who faced him the unintentional babyface... Now, for once in his career, the roles were reversed. Brock Lesnar is like 10 steps above the rest of the roster right now after Cena took the asskicking of a lifetime. He's gotta still be hurting come NoC, so he's the guy who has to fight valiantly against the odds for the first time in his career, right?

    It just seemed too obvious that was the direction they were going in and seemed like a really good idea, so I can't believe they let him whallop the Wyatt Family again. Does it really help you believe Cena has a chance against Brock? Not really. All it did was no-sell the first beating and hurt the Wyatts. Maybe this is a "more motivated John Cena" in kayfabe, but I'm a little uneasy thinking Cena wasn't fully motivated to face Brock to begin with. If that makes sense.
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  7. It does make sense. He beat Lesnar before, in a gimmick match no less.
    I wouldn't have given a f*** either. I'm John Cena and Lesnar beat an old prune at Wrestlemania. LOL I'm supposed to be scared?
    I'm John Cena I could have beaten Undertaker in 5 moves.
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  8. I agree completely. I feel that this doesn't help Cena's cause and even if it did, he shouldn't have beaten up on Bray Wyatt.
  9. Well, Wyatts aren't going anywhere anyway. Just jobbers. Don't care anymore
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  10. :please:
  11. I was in a conflict between dislike or disagree. But I can't let ma boi Husky down. Nothing personal.
  12. I figured as much. You're probably the 'feeling' type.
    For lack of a better word, you're being rather ignorant, don't you think?
    It's okay for Lesnar to beat up Cena but it isn't okay for for Cena to beat up Wyatt? That's very contradictory.
    This is wrestling and beating people is how you get noticed. I have no idea of your rationale at all.
  13. So I wasn't the only one ticked off about Raw. The way The Wyatt Family is being booked isn't right. The Wyatts really needed the win. So the Wyatts had one of the best matches of the year with The Shield earlier on in the year and now they're being put down by John Cena. This is not ok. You would think that with The Shield being no more that they would use the Wyatts to full advantage. The Wyatts, and The Shield have been the most exciting part of WWE for me. Well... Things may not be looking very good for The Wyatts at the moment, but I'd still tune in to see Bray's promos. I wonder something though... Is it really John Cena's fault for what's happened to The Wyatts or is it someone else's fault?
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  14. Well, seeing as how Cena simply does what he's told (despite the kind of pull he must have), I'd say it was Creative's fault.
  15. It is not John Cena's fault what happened to the Wyatt's, bro. There's no need for me to spell that out any further.
    The Wyatt Family isn't being booked right? Well, how should they be booked? You say, "This is not ok", but we're talking about a silly Monday Night RAW match.
    I wonder if anyone cares about Undertaker's PPV record in September. What is Steve Austin's PPV record in October?
    I doubt it really matters much or will matter much when you reflect on Bray Wyatt (or his family's) legacy.

    You should become concerned when Wyatt's WM record is dreadful or his losing becomes significant to storyline progression.
  16. Even though I see your point, John Cena getting killed by lesnar is quite different than Cena beating down the wyatt family to a pulp. The reason why is quite simple, John cena is a 15 time world champion, he does not need anymore validation, he can look strong whenever he wants, wyatt however is still to cement himself as a really dangerous guy, and making him look weak just makes all his journey to becoming a top heel seem futile. Basically, brock lesnar killing john made him look unstopable, seeing as it's impossible to conceive john cena as being weak, while making bray get pounded may just bury him.

    However, i'm still in high hopes that this match will not mean much to bray's carreer, it was just a tv loss afterall
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  17. No, it's not a contradiction, really. Cena getting beating up badly by a man who ended the Streak (whether you like it or not, it did happen) makes sense. Wyatt, a man who has beaten Cena before and just got done feuding with him, getting destroyed like that makes no sense. Plus, Wyatt is fresh young talent and they're just kicking him more to the curb. Battleground was bad for the Wyatts and since then, especially after the Cena beat down, it's only getting worse.
  18. simple: they should be booked where they win more often and not have harper and rowan constantly lose. Make them look like a strong group.
  19. Well, I'm a fan of Bray Wyatt, no doubt. Nothing against the guy, was always a mark. Just that WWE doesn't seem to agree with me as I initially thought, he's jobbed to Cena, went 1-1 with Jericho and is now getting destroyed by Cena again. It's a complaint over how they're booking him, I think they're great talent.
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