WrestleMania Bray Wyatt vs John Cena discussion thread

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Apr 6, 2014.

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  1. This is quite possibly the feud I am the most excited for going into Wrestlemania tonight. I can't stop watching the video packages on it because the build has been so damn awesome. What do you guys think is going to happen tonight? Cena wins lol?
  2. Bray wins via interference. They need a big heel win and he's the future GOAT. It'll be a MOTY contender for sure.
  3. This is my most anticipated match, mostly because I am unsure how it plays out compared to pretty much expecting to know how the rest of the show will go down. I could see either guy winning honestly, mainly because I anticipate the loser of the match getting his win back at ER, so really it could go either way tonight.
  4. This is the result I'm unsure about. Could also see either guy going over, but I'm sure it'll be a great match.
  5. Kinda shows how times have changed that many can actually see Cena losing at Wrestlemania, which is considered by many as a very fave-favourite PPV.
  6. I bet on Cena. But I'm still unsure.
  7. Over the last few years, faces have won 5 of the 8 matches virtually every year. (Granted many of the heel wins were undercard, but still)

    Can't wait for this. Also wonder if Dolph's theory is correct, where if Bray wins here but Cena wins the feud, how much would that help Wyatt?
  8. Massively lol. Whoever wins at Mania is the ultimate winner of the feud, even if the WM loser goes over in a blow off match at a later PPV.
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  9. I'll expect a Cena win at Mania, and a rematch at ER. This could be a long feud.
  10. I'm trying to find a recent thing to argue against this for the sake of some nice, healthy wrestling debate on this forum, but I really can't do that. Most of the comparisons are apples to oranges. There's been very few cases like this real make-or-break match for Wyatt against someone like Cena.

    The only one that comes close is Rey vs Cody at 27, we all remember Cody won the WM match and it felt like a big moment for the Grotesque One, and losing the rematch didn't hurt him at all. Same goes with Bray here.

    Also, there better not be any "Waaaah my legacy is ruined" speeches from Cena if he loses. :gtfo: with that garbage!
  11. Is it really the same? Cody vs Rey does not compare a single ounce to Cena vs Wyatt.
  12. Get where you're coming from. It really is a very poor man's version, but it's the closest comparison to the whole "young up-and-comer vs established veteran" feel this match has, and kinda serves as a precedent that Wyatt winning here and Cena winning later will do good things for Wyatt (if they don't depush him)
  13. I really don't want it to come to that situation. This rivalry should've started at the Rumble when the Wyatts cost Cena the titles. But no. Absolutely nothing was mentioned about it. Kinda made the feud short and pointless. I'm happy that Cena picked it up with that stint last Monday.
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  14. I agree that whoever wins here will lose in a rematch at Extreme Rules. I could see it going either way - if Cena wins tonight but loses at Extreme Rules, then Wyatt can cut a promo saying that winning the battle doesn't mean anything if you still lose the war. If Wyatt wins tonight but loses next month, then he can simply tell Cena that winning the second battle doesn't mean quite as much as winning the first because people usually only remember the first, and Cena will always have to face the fact that he couldn't get the job done when defeating him would have meant the most (i.e. at Wrestlemania) and that losing the first match, even if you win all the ensuing matches, leaves a certain stain on the soul that is impossible to ever fully cleanse (imagine Wyatt articulating that last part in his usual poetic sort of language.)

    Personally, I think it's more likely that Cena is winning tonight. A few reasons why:

    1. He's suffered a beat down at the hands of Bray Wyatt the last two PPVs. Something tells me therefore that he may prevail over him in a victory tonight.
    2. It's the 30th Wrestlemania. Cena is still their poster boy, they may prefer the idea of him winning over him losing, even though the match with Wyatt isn't main eventing.
    3. Something Cena said in an interview on WWE.com a couple of weeks ago may end up being a prelude to the match outcome - he said that he suspects that Wyatt may not even care about winning, but only about hurting his enemies and brainwashing the minds of others. If those words turn out to be prophetic, then it could indicate that Cena wins but then suffers a beat down at the hands of the others and has to be walked/stretchered out of the arena as a result. Wyatt can later spin this in his favor by saying that Cena won but wasn't the last man standing, and for the first time in history, he couldn't walk out of Wrestlemania on his own. If Wyatt then goes over in a rematch at Extreme Rules, then Bray looks all the better for it.
  15. I wouldn't be that upset if Wyatt was beating the piss out of Cena, getting cocky, doing the 2 count but pulls his shoulder up last second, ect.. and then gets caught and loses somehow. I'm sure people would cry Super Cena but w/e. Wyatt wouldn't look weak at all in that scenario.
  16. Damn you and your WWE analytical mind lol
  17. I can't see him doing the "lifting the shoulder up before the three count" spot, but I can see them doing the next best thing, which is Cena laid out and Wyatt not immediately going for the cover, instead choosing to do his pose (falling to his knees with his arms stretched out) beside Cena's seemingly lifeless body as a way of symbolizing his superiority over the "fallen" Cena. (And it eventually ends up costing him, probably when he proceeds to pick Cena up to hit him with one final Sister Abagail, only for Cena to suddenly use every last iota of energy he has left to hit the AA and get the pin out of nowhere.) And while it doesn't show that Wyatt for sure had Cena beat, it does still leave some doubt that he might have if only he had gone for the cover... a loss like that still protects Wyatt majorly, especially if he wins the rematch at ER the following month anyway.
  18. Yea, the lifting up of the shoulder at 2 won't happen, but I would mark my plums off if he did.
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