No Mercy Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton... AGAIN?

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  2. both Wyatt and Rowan are on SmackDown and The Authority is on Raw so I doubt this actually happening
  3. Again? Not sure I count Bray Wyatt vs. "The Spirit of Randy Orton" Kane as the first plot point.
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  4. Why are they even fighting?
  5. Lmao, Welcome to Battleground 2014.

    Wyatt has never been relevant
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  6. Well, IDGAF about this feud, so... They can do whatever they want for all I care.
  7. This is just another prime example of WWE failure, yet again giving us a meaningless match that no one really gives a shit about. Like Botchie Botcherson just pointed above, why are these guys even fighting? Better yet, WHAT are they fighting for?

    Stating the rather obvious here, this of course is not Bray's fault, nor is it Randy's fault. These two are the last to be blamed (if at all) for this mess and in all fairness, I think they have both done the best they can with what they are given. Problem is, Bray's character is anything but developing (it's ben all steps backwards rather then any progress) and Randy I persnall have a hard time getting used to as a face. Idk, I just think Orton works a lot better in every aspect as a heel...
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  8. Isn't the Wyatt/Orton "Feud" just a place holder
    until Orton can get a shot at AJ Styles?

    As much as I want Bray to have a win...Orton
    will get it so he appears to be building momentum.

    And if I had to guess...Styles will retain at No Mercy,
    John Cena goes off to film a TV series or film and
    Dean Ambrose will fall back into a mid-card feud
    with Bray...and it becomes a game of 'Which one
    of us is the most unhinged" and of course Ambrose
    will win that feud...and I will die a little bit inside.

    Has anyone seen that film "Misery"?

    May-be that's what happened to one of the WWE
    writers? They were kidnapped, tortured and forced
    to write story lines where Bray Wyatt actually gets
    a proper push and fights Cesaro in the main event
    at Wrestlemania for the WWE Championship.

    After they escaped they returned to work...but
    due to a Traumatic Stress Disorder they keep
    jobbing out Bray...because if Bray gets a proper
    push...they will relive their worst nightmare.

    Yes...this is how my mind works...

    I also like to think that Charlotte makes Dana Brooke
    wash her in the showers and massage her feet.

    Wait...did I just type that?
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  9. Hey, It'll keep my article relevant. Long may it continue!
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  10. Thanks...I think?

  11. that... may actually... not be terrible... :blackshock:

    It's also complete bullshit though as Hunter isn't returning until 2017 already and then he has matches with Reigns and Rollins lined up and not this.

    But still. I'd actually be shockingly down with that, as WWEF's self-proclaimed biggest hater of both stables.
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