Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton House of Horrors

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Nikki Nitro, Aug 1, 2017.

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  1. This ought to be interesting.....
    What were YOUR Guy's Thoughts?
  2. That was.... Kinda boring, Tbh. Thought they would've done more with it.
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    The fact of the matter is, with WWE being on this PG rated broadcasting it will never do itself justice. Any idea that they will come up with, will come at a price and that price is nothing feeling realistic. This is for two reasons (which could be why they don't even create characters but use these cheesy somewhat real names for the wrestlers):

    1. By WWE sticking with the PG rating way of broadcasting their shows and ideas, it take away from the deeper stories, it take away from the uncensored style of the shows/PPVs, it keep the characters in the pockets most the time with no real edge (especially heels) and the aggressive wrestling is often withheld when in/out the ring and selling stories through the fight. It just won't be the same unless they finally change this, which looks like never.

    2. This reason might come off offensive to some but I assure you that I mean no harm but we live in an age of "reality" and technology. What do I mean by "reality"?? I mean people often or not are busy trying to live a life of glam and showing off, talking trash, stabbing one another in the back (sometimes litterally), our world is a sloppy mess these days. I say this is a problem is because if people aren't seeing or hearing about some type of gossip or scandal or risque news then they really aren't that interested and that's where they used to draw in more viewers and fans to want to watch every show possible. As far as technology, it can really be it's own worst enemy at times which most of us already know. With social accounts and fans/journalists who can now reveal these wrestlers personal life, it takes away from the fantasy and mystique of what WWE once was. So this is often a drawback and with a lot of blog sites with insider news, you really never have to watch a WWE program ever if the information and results are coming out before the shows/matches.

    All in all, they tried to create something organic but there wasn't nothing too "horror" about the house (other than Bray being the weird character he has been). But what made things worse was the fact that they announced that the match would later end up back in the ring. I would have just had a ref go out there and officiate the match there, get it over with out there. The "House of Horror" would have been more demonic and scary, would have stuntmen looking like zombies/demons, the inside would have been filmed in a much, much darker ambience with maybe a few spotlights/flood lights, rooms could have had glowing colored lights as Orton walked by, smoke effect, the works! It really lacked the excitement that it was built up to be.
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  4. let's just say this.
    Current 5 worst matches of the year:

    1: Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt, Payback
    2: Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal, battleground
    3: Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt, Wrestlemania
    4: Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal, Backlash
    5: John Cena vs Rusev, Battleground

    yes I considered that SD cena vs orton match nobody remembers
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  5. The Flag Match between Cena And Rusev. What was so bad bout that?
  6. Well for one, we had already seen many of the Rusev battles against the US matches and John Cena had a Wrestlemania match basically for the honor of the US last year. So it really had no interest in the beginning and therefore watching it wasn't nothing special or big, I did however enjoy the tug of war type of victory where you didn't really know who was getting that last move in to win it.

    Now I may be wrong and please whomever feel free to correct me but the rules in the past to a flag match was simply get to your flag before the other person and wave it. And I don't remember there being these tall poles where the flags were hanging, either way it wasn't enjoyable watching these guys have to get to their flags AND walk it up to their respective podium.
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  7. Maybe they should change up the matches. Like maybe put them In a Cage/Cell match or Maybe even the Punjabi Match? Just MY Opinion anyways
  8. As long as its something dif other than the Flag Matches.
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    Yeah but another Cena vs Rusev match just wasn't needed again, we saw the build up to Wrestlemania 32. They put on a terrific match for the story that was told and if anything whether they like each other or not, there should be a mutual respect because they laid it out on the line at that Wrestlemania. Once again, this is another example of the creative team not thinking in terms of being repetitive and wearing thin on the fans.
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  10. Perhaps WWE, should hire US, as THEIR creative team? LOL!
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  11. Which two Wrestler's Would YOU guys choose for the House of Horror's?
  12. Based on their last attempt, none.

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  13. Yeah... It WAS pretty lame. If it werent for their "Funding" costs. They shoulda made it much more realistic.... :/
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  14. I mean nobody forced them to come up with this idea (other than old man Vince, of course). However, I will NEVER forgive WWE for this.....

  15. Hey, I personally just so happen to've liked that idea. The Ambrose Asylum match. :emoji_thinking:
  16. wait.....did you even see the match??
  17. I said I liked the IDEA. Hvnt seen the match part....YET
  18. Oh you haven't seen it?!?? Allow me to help you, friend. Now although the wrestling in this match was decent enough, the little antics were so annoying to me but what sold this match was how it ended and that is all.

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  19. I actually kinda liked it to be honest. Now this is only MY OPINION. Although the best part was the Pins.... Ouch, that would hurt.