Bray Wyatt

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by jacobmiller, Jul 27, 2016.

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  1. Who do you guys think that Bray Wyatt will face? Because almost all the top SmackDown Live guys are in a match or are most likely going to be in a match at SummerSlam, like Dean, Dolph, Randy, Cena, Styles. Maybe Rhyno, but he already feuded with Bray in December. Shelton Benjamin isn't likely returning until after SummerSlam. There isn't many other guys who are on the same level as Bray that are available. Thoughts??
  2. Bray isn't on much of a level at the moment. He may not even be in Summerslam. They pull guys all the time. My guess is if he is, he will be in some multi-man match that sets up a new feud. To be fair, I haven't followed much of what is happening around him so I am not entirely sure what they will do.
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  3. +Solid Snake
    Agreed. Bray might not be in a match, just like at WrestleMania. Maybe Luke Harper could cost him a match at Backlash, setting up a feud between the two. Maybe even Erick Rowan can someway get involved in a Harper/Wyatt feud.
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  4. I can see Harper going somewhere when he does return but who knows when that will be. I don't think these guys are a priority at the moment with PPV shows. Time will tell.
  5. Harper is like 4 months from returning
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  6. @Stopspot I thought his return date was in September.
  7. Nah. October/November is the earliest I heard. September if he is ahead of schedule
  8. It was 5-6 month duration. So he will be back within 2 months most likely.
  9. Apollo, maybe? Unless Apollo faces Miz for the IC title at SummerSlam, but that is also a shot in the dark.
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