Bray Wyatt's finisher

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Zach, Jul 29, 2013.

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  1. I don't like it. The kiss is the great but I think the actual move is weak as hell. Opinions? inb4 crayo
  2. I also think his finisher sucks. So does Ambrose's. Both seem too dull to use as finishers. I agree the kiss of death is a cool touch, though.
  3. Agreed with Ambrose.
  4. I think the move can look good if it gets a nice snap (i.e. if the guy taking the move is a good seller and smaller than Bray).
  5. Yea I'm not a fan of the finishers Wyatt and Ambrose have.
  6. I agree with Leo. I remember when Bray did this finisher on Kane on RAW last night and it looked bad since It didn't look like Bray snapped it.
  7. Meh, not impressed at all. The finisher isn't great if we're honest.
  8. Love Wyatt's; hate Ambrose's.
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  9. Fandango used it once I think.
    Ambrose's one is so damn simple, Wyatt's has a sadistic/Crazy spot with the kiss but.. Facing Show or Henry you can't do that. Both need to change
  10. I don't like little guys, such as Christian using the spear as a finisher. You telling me Christian or even Reigns is gonna finish Kane, Henry, Show, Lesnar, Ryback or Langton to name a few with a spear? Don't buy it.
  11. Wyatt's finisher is meh, so is Ambrose's finisher. Also, I like Reigns using the spear because he isn't too small and executes it well, along with that triple power bomb.
  12. Wyatt's finisher is awesome when sold right.
    I like Ambrose's finisher but his signature DDT looks more impactful,he oughta just that DDT as his finisher or start using the knee trembler again.
  13. I honestly dont mind either. Ambrose isnt monster enough for his, wyatt sells his like a boss. Sandow has a shit move finisher, to me it's how they sell it.

  14. Christian using the spear as a finisher is weak as hell, and so was Edge back when he used it. I remember him 'spearing' people one after another at Wrestlemania 23 in the MITB match and the announcers were going crazy over how many people he was putting down, but really, it just looked like he was dragging them down to the mat by their waist. Didn't look hard hitting at all. Christian is even worse.

    Roman Reigns has an awesome spear, though. He isn't a small or average sized guy at all and his spear even looked sick and convincing when he executed it on Ryback at the Elimination Chamber PPV this year.
  15. I actually like both Ambrose and Wyatt's finishers. Simple and to the point.
  16. Has Christian ever won a match with a spear? It's a stretch to call that a 'finisher' of his.
  17. He beat Cody Rhodes with it for the IC title, I still wouldn't consider it a finisher though.
  18. There's a reason Edge's spear was nicknamed the "running hug" by fans.

  19. Didn't he pin Ambrose with it when he and the Usos defeated The Shield on Smackdown?
  20. Christian uses the Spear as more of a secondary finisher, with the Killswitch being the primary one. Normally people kick out but occasionally he'll win with it.