Bray Wyatt's next feud?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. So, the so-called new face of fear is looking for a new victim.

    I've seen some sites listing DZ, Ryback, Reigns or even HHH.
    Well, no kidding. Might as well list the entire roster.

    Reigns won't be the one for sure, imo... Because apparently feuding with Big Show nowadays is all the rage. smh

    Trips/Wyatt won't be happening, especially not during this time of the year, or dare I say at all.

    So, that leaves DZ and Ryback.
    Both options are probable, although I think Ziggler will go at it with Sheamus at Extreme Rules...
    Ryback isn't really a relevant midcard guy, so they might feed him to Wyatt.

    Other than that, bringing Boogeyman back for one more run and a feud with Wyatt is something I wouldn't mind.

    - Speculate away.
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  2. I'm sure it will just be some half ass BS. Ziggler fits the bill for that feud perfectly
  3. I agree, but I think they're saving DZ for Sheamus, though.
  4. I am curious to see what they do with Wyatt. After he was beat by taker for no damn reason.

    I feel a feud with Ziggler would be amazing. But yes, they seem to have dolph way too focused on the mid card belts. It's most likely ryback.

    Having those 2 feud for a while could be fun. I just hope that 2015... Although it started rough for Wyatt, is wyatts time to shine.
  5. Not sure how 2015 has been a rough start for Bray. He had a feud that literally every other guy on the roster would have loved to have had.
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  6. No one cares about Bray. Either get the Wyatt Family back or gtfo.
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  7. Just your customary Wyatt promo where he could be referring to literally anybody. Ryback is probably the most ideal choice since he doesn't have anything going on and isn't currently on their list of people they want to protect, so him jobbing to Wyatt shouldn't be a problem.

    Then again, maybe it's Orton that he's referring to and we won't find out for sure until he shows up to cost Orton the title at Extreme Rules just when it's looking like Orton's on the cusp of winning it. I doubt it since I figure they'll wait at least till Summerslam before initiating a feud between the two, but could be.
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  8. Orton would be interesting.

    If it wasn't for the fact that he and Daniel Bryan already feuded, a feud over the IC title by two guys worthy of WWE WHC would be fun.
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  9. don't get where his character is going. It's not really developing anymore, and I had much promise. Starting to seem regurgitated. Id like to see him feud with a heel, not necessarily turn face. Something different
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  10. lol. people disagreeing with me. When was the last time Wyatt had a credible win or decent promo that anyone would be interested in?
    No one cares about Wyatt. He basically just promos about how he's going to end whatever but loses himself.
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  11. You're associating the fact that because WWE doesn't book him right and give him the credit he deserves, this means we all don't care about him? The fans love Wyatt. He's good in the ring, on the mic, and fits his character well.
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  12. Husky Harris should feud with the exit door.

    I'm with Punk, never been a Bray guy myself to begin with.
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  13. Who cares about someone who loses all the time? lol
    He's supposed to be a mystique unique character that's supposed to be credible. He hasn't gotten a credible win to define himself. And at this point, no matter who he feuds with, nothing will change unless he:
    A) Brings back The Wyatt Family
    B) Changes gimmick

    And anyone can be booked properly and that's what gets you invested into their character. Bray's character is it's the end of the world type of shit, but dude always loses.
    Also, I don't get what you mean by "credit deserved".
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  14. Yes, you just described what I already stated in the beginning of my last post: WWE is messing this up; however, fans still love him and he's fun to watch. He's very talented.

    I disagree:

    1. let him win some matches with his current character
    2. let him win a mid card title for a little while

    "credit deserved," meaning he's good at everything he does and yet, WWE decides to keep having this guy lose without reason. Maybe because he's not 6'11 and ripped like Taker? Idk. But, i feel there's several stars in Bray's boat: they don't get the credit they deserve - wins and great feuds.
  15. You have fun watching him lose? He's alright in the ring, he moves well for his size, but he's not entertaining to watch. lol.
    Loads of stars are talented, they aren't getting their shot. lol

    1. He's already won some matches in his current character. No one gives a shit.
    2. Mid-card title might do something for him, I'll admit that.

    lol, don't use that ripped logic when they had people like Bryan and Punk as champion.
    I'd rather watch a bunch of other people pushed than Wyatt. He had a cool thing going, but it has ran its course.
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  16. I would like to see Bray getting some big wins, yeah. Wouldn't have booked him the way they did if it was me, but anyway. Don't think it'll be DZ because he's gonna job to Sheamus next so I would guess Ryback here.
  17. You're taking my post out of context. I enjoy bray Wyatt period. Yes, it sucks that yet again WWE doesn't see potential. And whether or not you like his move set and skill is your opinion, just as I have one about him. However, I was basing my judgement of him off of crowd reactions. Overall work. And consistency. Which he does have.

    I only know of a few stars off the top of head that I feel are as talented or more talented than bray through and through. In saying this as of current talent who isn't being pushed.

    1. People don't "give a shit" because WWE hands him a win, then he loses on the next raw and loses at the next PPV. Inconsistent bs is costing brat dearly.

    2. Agreed.

    I'm not sure what "ripped" logic you're referring too. Guess I'm missing your point.

    He's had his gimmick for what like 2 years? The guy isn't even close to pulling a cena... It's not old by a long shot.
  18. Ripped and 6"9 logic you were using.
  19. Oh got it bro.

    Well, that was more or less me just taking a stab at it. I mean it makes sense more often than not that WWE pushes ripped, bigger guys. Hence why we now have roman seemingly going to be the next cena. Sure, they enable some stars to climb to the top now and then that don't have the "look." But more often than not, it's not the case.
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