Bray Wyatt's Next Opponent(s)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Aug 22, 2014.

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    If anyone remembers, they seemed to be teasing a feud between Wyatt and Sheamus in the weeks leading up to the MITB PPV and even the next night on Raw before the Family attacked Jericho and Wyatt's direction spiraled off into that rivalry instead. I wouldn't mind seeing these two feud, and should Bray win the United States Championship at least it's something. Rusev winning the United States Title probably isn't in the plans anymore since he's getting so much heat that they'll probably push him straight into a world title feud or a feud with Cena while still being undefeated, and obviously the US Title doesn't really fit into any of that.

    I'd have Wyatt go over the Big Show first (preferably cleanly) while Sheamus defends the title against Rowan and Harper in separate matches. Sheamus vs Luke Harper would be a hell of a match, and I'd probably book it on the same PPV (Hell In A Cell?) as Wyatt vs Big Show. Then after Sheamus goes over Harper, book him against Bray Wyatt. Not a bad feud.
  2. It would be an intelligent move to book Bray with as much continuity as possible.
    Putting the strap up, particular against the family is a great strategic movie reminiscent of old Kung Fu films.
    If Sheamus is lost in the shuffle, it means he still has yet to separate himself from the pack.
    He could use a series with Wyatt, lose, and develop a need to fight and gain his footing back in the WWE circle.
  3. I was talking about this with a friend of mine earlier, and yeah, I figured Sheamus/Wyatt would come next. Could be a good program, although I would rather Rusev challenged for the US title. And didn't know there were rumors about Sheamus playing Vader :dawg:
  4. If Bray is to win the United States Championship, then book him to feud with Sheamus before the Big Show. That way he can jump straight from winning his program with Jericho to winning gold for the first time, and then Big Show can be his first opponent over the strap.

    If Bray isn't scheduled to win the United States Championship, then have him feud with Big Show first. That way, Bray still has as much credibility intact as possible when he loses to Sheamus after a hard fought match following two straight victories over Jericho, one victory over the Big Show and possibly even a victory over Sheamus in a tag team match on Raw or Smackdown prior to their US Title bout.
  5. A Wyatt/Big Show feud would be unimaginably turrble.
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  6. They really should have done a better job of mapping out his long term booking. I hoped he wasn't peaking with the Cena feud, but it seems that way for now.
  7. What in the fuck would Bray want with the US title? Sheamus and Show? There has to be a better alternative or 10.
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  8. I agree that him winning the US Title might seem weird, but to be fair, who else is there for him to feud with next other than Sheamus or Big Show? That's the problem with giving someone this big of a push in their rookie year - if there aren't any plans to push them straight into the world title picture and keep them there, ala Brock Lesnar in 2002, then there's nowhere for them to go afterwards but down.

    I'd love to see a feud between Wyatt and Ambrose once the latter's program with Rollins is over, and an Orton/Wyatt feud sounds promising when/if Orton ever turns babyface again (I suspect it could happen sometime within the next 4-6 months), but neither of those are happening anytime soon.
  9. Nobody ever truly remembers what happens in September or October.
    What's important is who he works January thru April and July thru August.
    The first singles title is always important so I'm sure the cat is ready for a strap.

    Its all filler this time of year, be concerned if he's feuding with Justin Gabriel in January
  10. I'd rather want Rusev to take the US Title from Sheamus.....
  11. Why would it have to even be for the US belt? Bray could cut a promo on Sheamus putting him down for caring so much about the prestige of a belt, and still have the feud. I know they cannot kill the belt, but there is no reason he couldn't bury Sheamus and have Sheamus be built up or tormented enough to lose his belt in another fed shortly after.
  12. Well, Wyatt feuding with the champion and the belt not being on the line makes the title look somewhat worthless... I know there's a decent argument that Bray's character wouldn't want or need it, but in that case, why did Rowan and Harper care about winning the Tag Team Championships?

    Moreover, whenever the Intercontinental or United States Champion has entered a program with someone in the past where the title was not the focal point, the championship was still on the line just because it was there. Ultimate Warrior's IC Championship was on the line against Hogan at Wrestlemania 6, even though the WWF Championship was the main focus. Orton's IC Championship was on the line against Mick Foley at Backlash 2004, even though it had no place in the feud at all. Ric Flair's IC Title was on the line against Triple H at Taboo Tuesday 2005, despite the fact that HHH was certainly above the belt by that point.

    Of course, it's possible the Wyatt/Sheamus feud only takes place after Rusev (or whoever) defeats Sheamus for the belt. In fact, maybe the Family will be the ones to actually cost Sheamus the championship, thus instigating the feud.
  13. Furthermore, Im grasping for straws as to why Wyatt would even want to feud with Sheamus.
    Wyatt could be the catalyst which eventually turns Sheamus heel again. It could be a play on the Cena/Kane feud from early 2012.
    One has to imagine that Wyatt would eventually succeed in turning someone heel, where he failed with Bryan and Cena.
    Wyatt could stalk Sheamus into turning heel (after losing the title to Rusev) or he could take the U.S title from him.

    Turning Sheamus back into the monster who ended Jamie Noble's career should take a few months.
    It helps that the audience has been somewhat re-acquainted with Noble recently, so it may be optimal to begin the process soon.
  14. I agree with the family costing Sheamus the belt. I get the historical cases and could understand why it was there, but I just cannot visualize Bray with a belt. Harper and Rowan being compared to the leader of their cult to me makes no sense. The tag team belt isnt restricted to lower mid carders like the US title has been, and the two followers going for the belt to prove their dominance to Bray makes a ton more sense, since they have something to prove and Bray certainly does not.

    I do like the idea of Rusev winning the US belt via Family, leading to Sheamus vs Bray, although I would argue Harper could kick the shit out of Sheamus himself.
  15. :blackshock:Shameus plays Vader!?
  16. A title is only as prestigious as how its booked. The IC title used to booked as a 'worker's title' and now it is not.
    The WWE Championship, from 2002-2004, was booked as a workrate title. This, however, is no longer the case.

    The first thing WWE did wrong with the U.S title was created it to look like a da** toy.
    What they've done correctly is allowed for very long title reigns.
    If Wyatt were to hold on to the title for an extended period of time, it would be a successful reign particularly if they did the right thing and changed its design.

    Truth be told, Rusev is the best alternative. The U.S title should be defended by somebody who can actually carry matches.
    Benoit, MVP and Booker T (to a lesser extent) were all very successful because they could work excellent matches on Smackdown.
  17. "The force is strong with this young fella" *brogue kick to the emperor*
  18. I'd not be against a couple of hard-hitting Sheamus/Bray matches, but a feud between the two doesn't really entice me much. I'd rather Cesaro or Rusev win the US Title from Sheamus. Never thought I'd say this, but right now Bray is an afterthought for me.
  19. I feel that Bray winning the US championship could be a good thing. I mean the guy has to start somewhere if he's ever going to be WWE World Champion someday. Let him have some good matches with Shamus and win a belt. It'll help his credibility. I can imagine him cutting promos after beating Sheamus. "The Eater of Worlds is truly your people's I hold the United States Championship proudly on my shoulder....all of you people....will follow the buzzards.....I've got the whole my hands....."
  20. Bray costing Sheamus the US title (against ideally Rusev, for me) would be quite good.
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