Bray Wyatt's NXT debut (Husky Harris' new gimmick)

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jul 12, 2012.

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  1. 22:25

    I'm freaking loving his gimmick and his wrestling style. Anyone else really into it?
  2. It's bizarre as fuck, I like it.
  3. It's pretty epic, keeping my eye on him as he goes on. WTF is WWE banning NXT from me on YT?
  4. My reaction completely. You a husky fan in general? A big guy who's athletic seems to always appeal to you :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    WWE blocks it from outside the US I think. This video worked right? It was Jonathan's upload from earlier.
  5. I always found him to a decent speaker above all else tbh, he's decent in ring although his wasn't a style I enjoyed watching, although he understand incorporation better than most from this short match. The laughing whilst hanging off the apron was sick.
  6. Ye didn't work for me damnit. His promo that he made awhile ago was fucking epic tho.
  7. I'm personally drawn to his style since he looks like a tough fatty but he moves quickly and is incredibly athletic. Everything seems clean. And yeah that was awesome, I loved the dancing part and him kissing his opponent too. inb4gayjoke
  8. Saying this based on his FCW run with this gimmick, I love his gimmick and promos, his matches are entertaining for short matches as well. He's good in the ring, agile and all. Dancing with his opponent is epic.
  9. Well sorry to be the party pooper but he's injured for like 6-8 months or something :((.
  10. I'm aware of that. :sad:
  11. FML. Every good wrestler seems to always have bad news about them.
  12. The best thing about this gimmick is he could continue just cutting promos for this time without issue, even let him brain wash some followers who do the matches for him with Bray picking up the pin.
  13. It would be a great way for him not to miss much time.
  14. WHAT THE FUCK!? He's injured, that's so shit :upset:
  15. He isn't missing any NXT episodes though. He said so himself. Seabs idea seems most likely.
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