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  1. *A camera cuts to a dark bathroom, a sound of a door being slammed shut was heard around the room, the camera cuts to a shadow with a sound of slow footsteps*
    ???: This is a time where rivals meet again, this is a time where two monsters battle in hell, a time where two of the best stars in history battle in a place that's bigger than anything.
    *The camera shows a man walking out of the shadows*
    ???: But also, it's a battle for the biggest prize in history.
    *The camera rises up to reveal JJ Colton*
    JJ Colton: *walks up to a window* A battle that will effect my path to success for a very long time, ever since my return, I was being rusted in a shell that I've been hiding in for a long time, I've been waiting for a time to break free but now, *Colton starts to see his skin fell off of his head while he is scratching it* this is the right time to do it.
    * Colton starts to forcefully jam his fingers into his face, Colton starts to rip his own flesh from his body*
    JJ Colton: *grunting and screaming* It's time to show Robert Blake the man I truly am!!
    *The camera shows JJ Colton with his flesh face paint as the camera fades to black*
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