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  1. Is there anyone here who is a fan of the television show Breaking Bad? I only became a fan last year when Season 4 was nearing it's end. I watched all four seasons in exactly a week and then caught the S4 finale on TV. Season 5 (the final season, which is unfortunately being split into two parts) starts exactly six weeks from Sunday.

    With less than two months away, I'm already excited. Much more excited about it than anything going in wrestling nowadays.
  2. Count me in as a fan, i was the same way for season 3, had all my friends demand i watch it and give it a chance, and within a few days i was all caught up and ready to start season 4. Seriously one of the best shows ever, i cant wait to see how he gets taken down, but if Jesse gets screwed and randomly dies (like a Christopher...sorry just rewatched the Sopranos, and i still hate the last 6 episodes) I will treat this just like the Sopranos, and pretend it doesn't exist for a few years, but i doubt it will happen. Awesome to know its only 6 weeks away.
  3. Best TV Drama in the last 25 years!
  4. Never seen. Watch Touch.
  5. I love that show. Probably the best TV show that's out right now. I just wanna know what's gonna happen to Walter and if Hank will ever find out about Walter.

    Jesse is the best, bitch.
  6. My thinking is that Hank has to find out about Walt at some point before the end. It's been building since the first season, it would be anti-climatic to never have Hank discover the truth. I just wonder how Hank would react. It's possible if he (and no one else) discovers Walt's 'secret', he might understand his reasoning and help him to get away with it.
  7. [​IMG]
    Watched it already, but worth it I guess.
    Want to watch the extended ending I guess.
  8. I just wanted to say that i'm on season 2 episode 9 and this is the greatest show of all time.
  9. If you think Season 2 is good, wait until 3 & 4! 1st half of Season 5 is also excellent.
  10. Haven't watched yet, but it's hard for me to imagine it being better than Mad Men, Rescue Me, Oz, The Sopranos, and/or The Wire.

    However, Bryan Cranston is god.
  11. Fantastic show, can't wait to see how it ends, if Jesse dies I riot.
  12. Was just quoting, lol.
    Except I guess I missed, "One of the Best" parts.
  13. What's your Top 5? :george:
  14. It's my brother's Birthday today and so wrote his card, with the I am the one who knocks speech in rendered to birthday s***, I was the only one who understood it. :boss:
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  15. Despite the fact that they have to be almost done filming these final eight episodes, they're gonna make us wait till July 14th before they air them. Why they can't start airing them in Spring is beyond me. Thank fuck the series is almost over though, just for that reason, it means it's the last long wait we'll have to endure for this show.

    Also, the first episode of these next eight is called The Decision, which no doubt has a double meaning. Supposedly, the final two episodes are called 52 and Crystal Clear.
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