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  1. Benjamin Burnley has reformed his band with 4 new members, Keith Wallen on Lead Guitar, Jasen Rauch on Rhythm guitar (so now the band has 2 rhythm guitarists) Aaron Bruch on Bass, and Shaun Foist on drums.

    My reaction... AWWWWW YEAAHHHH!!! Breaking Benjamin is awesome, huge fan of the songs, "Follow", "Diary of Jane" & "I Will Not Bow". For those who don't know, Breaking Benjamin is a post-grunge band, they're like Three Days Grace & Seether. Currently four albums are out from the previous line up. Can't wait for the new music.
  2. Great news! Their first four albums were awesome,'Diary Of Jane' and 'I Will Not Bow" being their GOAT songs.
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  3. And a new generation of emo will spawn from this
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  4. Halo 5 theme?
  5. I liked them but not gonna mark out till i hear some songs :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  6. Not a fan of them, but one of my old best friends was. Good for them
  7. Not huge on Breaking Benjamin but music is music, we'll see how the new lineup is though.. it's been 5 years since they've been on hiatus right?
  8. Sack of shit band.
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  9. Yes, five years, they are set to tour for a bit first in a few spots around the globe.
  10. Cool news, it was about damn time the band moved on... Interesting line-up, I'm familiar with the guys that've joined in, we shall see how it'll work out. Can't wait to hear some new jams!
  11. Cool........I guess?
  12. I will not bow to this new shit. I'll wait to hear shit before I care.
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