BREAKING: Chavo Guerrero joins TNA....

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  2. Good for Chavo, I wonder how much he's getting?
  3. well WWE were doing fuck all with him. glad he's doing something
  4. Just saw this on Facebook and was about to post :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Chavo should be a great addition to the X-Division! Hopefully TNA uses him and doesn't end up using him like WWE.
  5. About a year later than I expected it, but good to hear nonetheless. I love Chavo, and he can bring some name recognition and credibility to the X Division.

    Sorensen when he returns
    Douglas Williams

    X Division is shaping up nicely for TNA once again even post-Aries
  6. Never been a fan of his, but I hope he can contribute to the X Division.
  7. I hope they use Chavo better then WWE did.
  8. What will they do with him? At his age, he can't really do the X-Division stuff... He's still a solid worker though and can be pretty good in the TV Title scene... Maybe they can use him like RKK and create a Legacy-style tag team?

    Just don't stick him with Hernandez. Please.

    And I hope they don't think he has any drawing power. WWE completely pissed that away.
  9. Chavo's got an interesting style in that it's more of a ground/technical base in a cruiserweight body. Don't be surprised if they stick him in the X-Division, but hype that ground game of his as an unusual talent-set for an X-Division wrestler (which it is in the U.S.).

    Either way, great to see he's back performing in a ring on television. I've always been a fan of Chavo's.

  10. He is one of the least important people to bring over IMO. Don't care, and wont be over-interested even if his first storyline is worth watching. Mediocre move.
  11. Wonder if Vickie will whack some sense into Chavo. :otunga:
  12. Did you just type out a sound? It can be taken in so many ways. You hated my post, the original topic, or just are moody because you're feeling overly emotional today. I choose option 3, feel better buddy, xoxoxo
  13. F the Chavo haters
  14. Implying I care enough about your posts to get emotional in any way shape or form.

    Chavo sucks.
  15. Chavo is okay, pretty good technical guy... but TNA doesn't really need any more people, you get the same thing with Doug Williams.

    And TNA's already completely screwed up the move. Couldn't believe the used a video package to hype up WWE's biggest jobber coming to TNA. Casuals are loling at you.
  16. I don't think many casual WWE fans watch TNA Rain
  17. Off-topic: Rain your sig is delightful.
  18. Further off topic: lol @ my terrorist like rep tactics working against Crayo
  19. Valid point... but pretty sure there are some (see the people who couldn't figure out the time change) and I thought that the backstage crew try to appeal to them... and if they think this will appeal to the casuals then :haha:

    Off topic: Thanks Crayo, and join the fantasy league D'Z
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