Spoiler BREAKING: Devitt New Scottish Champ

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Star Lord, Mar 30, 2014.

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  1. At tonights ICW Still Smokin event which feature Paul London, Brian Kendrick and Sabu as special guests, unannounced Prince Devitt has showed up and is the NEW ICW Zero G Champion!


    According to fans at the show he announced after the match "I'm not going to TNA or WWE, I'm coming to ICW"

    Also so far in results tonight the Sumerian Death Squad have won the ICW Tag Team Championships in a ladder match.
  2. I love it when people twist quotes.

    He never said "I'm coming to ICW." He said: "I'm right here in ICW".

    Different sentences, different implications.
  3. Don't blame me I just wrote what was reported.
  4. Isn't he having a leaving NWJP match vs. whomever soon?
    Idk I thought I read that somewhere, if so I think he's going to the big E.
  5. Loser Leaves Town match yeah.
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