Breaking: EC3 Obtains injunction Against Matt Hardy

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    Ethan Carter III stated that he has obtained an injunction against Matt Hardy that prevents him from appearing on any future editions of IMPACT WRESTLING. EC3 stated:

    "Here I am, at the office of my attorney, the same attorney that just acquired an injunction from the 7th circuit court against TNA Wrestling, Dixie Carter, Jeff Hardy and the Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy."

    EC3 continued and really drove home the reality for Matt Hardy and his reign as World Heavyweight Champion.

    "Must be real nice to tell your son Maxell how you acquired that title, It matter not Matt, because this injunction prevents you from being on IMPACT WRESTLING this week, next week.. Forever!"

    Watch the video below.

    EC3 made his intentions clear that he had something up his sleeve as stated this morning following his loss of the World Heavyweight Championship as seen in these tweets.

    Thank you for your support in this trying time. I have been up strategizing our next course of action. Stay tuned. #TeamEC3

    — ec3 (@EthanCarterTNA) October 5, 2015

    The former World Champion also began teasing that he did in fact have something up his sleeve which as evidenced in the above video you can see he was not bluffing.

    Announcement forthcoming. Tick Tock @MATTHARDYBRAND.

    — ec3 (@EthanCarterTNA) October 5, 2015

    Unfortunately there will be no ear to ear smiles soon @MATTHARDYBRAND.

    — ec3 (@EthanCarterTNA) October 5, 2015

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