Breaking: John Cena injured on tour

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 28, 2013.

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  1. Not sure how legit, this was just posted by WWE. What do you think?
  2. Not sure what to think, they dont know how serious it is and how long he will be out?? this is a kick in the nuts for Extreme Rules if hes out for more a couple of weeks
  3. I'm calling Kayfabe.
  4. :woo1: Interesting...

    Obligatory PC "we don't want anyone injured, sucks to see him hurt hope he gets to feeling better soon" comment.

    Maybe this'll star the WWE Youth Movement (well after they try pushing Sheamful for a few months and he flops), who knows. Time to bring back badass Kofi as a relevant star, worth a shot.
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  5. It would be good for him if it was an injury oddly enough, he could take a few weeks off and rest up.
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  6. In other other words:

    "Can cena overcome the odds?!"
  7. Don't think he'll miss ER, and if he misses ER Ryback will be the champion, that's it. And remember what Mickie James said "to be a true champion you have to fight through injuries"
  8. Not sure what to believe.The WWE can call it a ¨will¨ to defend his title and all that Cena shit. It would be dope if after having Rock/Cena 2 cena loses it on the next PPV. He could also give it away but under the condition that after he comes back, he will be the number 1 contender. Then Ryback would go back to face and Orton/Punk returning before would have a feud with him until cena comes back
  9. Well it does give Ryback a advantage going into ER but Cena will prevail he always does :aries:
  10. Achilles injuries are pretty serious. Wasn't Ryback out for a year because of an ankle injury?

    Not to sound callous but things like this can turn out to be a good thing. Just imagine if Cena for out for at least a few months and try had to push someone new (gasp) in his absence. A few different ways this could turn out:

    -Ryback actually wins the title
    -Cena fights through the injury and retains, but because of a number of things - the match being so brutal, Ryback attacking him afterwards and/or The Shield attacking him afterwards - he has to forfeit the title
    -Cena retains the title but then the next night, Mark Henry, who thinks he deserves a title shot (don't forget the night after Wrestlemania), attacks Cena and does the old "put the chair on the ankle and then stomp on it" spot and cripples Cena, putting him into the Hall Of Pain. While Cena howls in pain, Henry screams "That's what I do!" And the title is vacated.

    If Cena does miss time, then him vacating the title is the best option, in my opinion. When's the last time we had a huge tournament to declare the undisputed world champion? The "Deadly Games" tournament from Survivor Series 1998? They could hold a huge tourney with almost everyone in the WWE that matters - Ryback, Henry, one of the members of The Shield (if they win the tag titles, then one of them could decide to go after the world title as well), Orton, Show, Sheamus, Kane, Bryan, Del Rio, Kofi, Caesro, Barrett, Jericho, Swagger, etc.

    Even Ziggler could enter it, saying he's gonna now own both world championships and unify them. Remember when he stated that at the Royal Rumble earlier this year?
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  11. There are different types of achillies injuries. I'm guessing Cena has a mild strain, because if it were more than that they would be speculating about the severity.

    He will be fine, much to the chagrin of the haters.
  12. Ryback broke his ankle in 3 places if I remember rightly.

    "But in severe cases of Achilles tendon injury, you may need a cast for six to 10 weeks, or even surgery to repair the tendon or remove excess tissue."

    Looks like he may miss Extreme Rules if this doesn't turn out to be BS.
  13. I guess Cena's pre-Wrestlemania 'heel turn' joke backfired on him.

    He tried to 'turn heel' but it failed.
  14. Edge was out for six months with an Achilles injury
  15. This could be a blessing in disguise if it is legit. If it is legit Vince must be shaking in his boots and as a result we could see some pushes of young talent coming. We might not get the next top face but we can easily see a throw around of the main event scene. And a tournament like Lockard suggested could work wonders to help make newer guys in the public eye. The last tournament they had was when Punk left and they just did a one night thing.
  16. To be honest, I don't expect him out for long. I do love the idea of either Ryback winning or Henry taking a reign.
  17. That was a torn achille's tendon, Cena has a strain probably. No way they would have reported this so casually if so.
  18. Nice sig. That Sabin video package was great.
  19. Lol fuck^
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