News BREAKING NEWS: Alberto Del Rio Quits WWE

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  1. Your eyes do not deceive you. Alberto Del Rio is officially finished with WWE.

    According to sources close to the situation, Del Rio informed WWE through his lawyer that he was opting out 60 days ago. Del Rio was apparently (and rightfully so) frustrated with the empty promises he was given after being recruited to the company last summer. Del Rio had been promised a main event push, but instead was quickly put into a Mex-America angle that went nowhere, followed by being bundled as part of the mid card heel faction, the League of Nations.

    As noted, WWE announced on August 17th that Del Rio and his real-life girlfriend, Saraya-Jade Bevis, a.k.a. Paige, were both suspended for 30 days for their first violations of the company's Wellness Policy. The timing is interesting given that Del Rio had given his notice several weeks earlier, in late June. Del Rio last wrestled for the company on the August 19th episode of SmackDown, where he faced John Cena, which ironically is the first opponent he had when he first returned. He is officially free at the end of September to work anywhere in the United States and all around the world.
  2. I hope paige doesn't leave the wwe
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  3. Dude's always leaving places.
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  4. Good. Fuck that guy
  5. AAA is desperate for another Mexican face, and will take him and the shitloads of money he wants.
  6. Because that worked so well last time
  7. AAA doesn't care how many times you fuck it in the ass, if you have a following, they'll scoop you up. 90% of their main eventers/high profile talent left them high and dry, at one point.
  8. No real surprise.
  9. Not surprised and can't say I blame him.

    See you in a year or two, Berto! :adr:

    But seriously, hope he returns to AAA and LUG and they're able to pay him because the dude was on fire there.
  10. But will Del Rio be dumb enoguh to go back to a company that legit stopped paying him?
  11. Deja vu all over again
  12. Either he goes back to AAA or LU or...Brother Nero Rio...I KNEW YOU'D COME...

    Wonder if Paige will follow suit, doubt it, but I guess time will tell.
  13. I thought you were female tbh good to know I was wrong
  14. I mean, I feel for the guy. If he was given empty promises, like a main event push, it's understandable that he was pissed. Wish him the best wherever he goes. At least he's got Paige :emoji_wink:
  15. It was cool when he came back at first but Vince was stupid to make that Mex America gimmick and he was immediately ice cold, I'm shocked he didn't even last a whole year on the new deal
  16. Wow, I'm not sure if that's pent up agression or just sexism. I'm tempted to say both.

    I'd be sad to see Paige leave, though I could understand it. I reckon Del Rio might go back to LU - he was certainly treated better there than at the WWE
  17. He's actually a troll.
  18. :trump4: A great day for America
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  19. The thing is, it's his fault that those things all became empty promises..
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