Breaking news concerning Anderson Silva/Sonnen fight

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    Dana wants to move the fight to Vegas, apparently Anderson was PISSED and saying he won't take the fight unless it's in Brasil, but apparently he has folded and agreed

    Brian ? @FrontRowBrian
    Major story breaking in Atlanta. Anderson Silva has told Dana White he NOT fight Chael Sonnen unless it's in Brazil.

    UFC147 presser in Rio on 4 Tues. Anderson will be present. Dana will announce date change to Vegas. Dana will fire AS if he declines fight

    Should Anderson be fired, Sonnen v. @Bisping II is the back up plan for July 7 for the belt

    Uncle Dana is beyond frustrated with Anderson. Let's see if he can convince Anderson to fight in Vegas. Dana playing hardball

    AS folds. Fight happens 7/7 Vegas... “@SamuelScript: @FrontRowBrian what's your guess on the outcome ?”

    Still though, I'm pissed. I wanted this shit going down in a soccer stadium in Brasil
  2. More money in Vegas though!
  3. Than a 45k soccer stadium? Don't think so. I just think they needed a better main event for 148 and Dana thinks Vitor/Wand will still sell out the soccer stadium (which it will, those two are Brazilian legends)
  4. More seats in Brazil but can charge more in Vegas what I meant!
  5. Doesn't really matter how much you charge per seat if you are comparing a 10,000 seat arena to a 45,000 seat stadium. But like I said, Dana knows he can still fill that stadium with Wand/Vitor headlining, so it makes sense, I'm just pissed because I wanted to see Chael being treated like John Cena at ECW one night stand against RVD
  6. Hell yeah Cena at ECW 05 bullied to fuck!
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