Breaking news concerning the Briefcase storyline!

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by DarksideTrin, Jul 27, 2013.

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  1. So, we all know what happened on Smackdown.

    I did some research and some snooping and I finally have the script for the Blue MITB briefcase!

    here ya go! Sandow gets a new briefcase from Vicky following the acts of Cody rhodes as it is deemed that it is impossible to get the briefcase as it is not at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. Sandow then proceeds to defend the MITB briefcase and successfully defends against Cody at the pre show of Summerslam!

    Main event: Del Rio, still selling the broken rib, defends in a hard fought title defence at SS vs his pick as per Vicky... SINCARA. as soon as Del Rio scores the pin.. Out comes Sandow. They battle in a 15 minute hard hitting match, when a returning Rodriquez costs Del Rio the title, we will find out later that he had his tests switched with el Rio and took the suspension for del Rio, with no thanks from ADR!

    Sandow gets to relish his win for about 30 seconds, when a different theme hits, and it is no other then SHARK BOY! Who swam in the gulf of mexico.. you know, because he is Shark Boy, obtained the briefcase with a STILL VALID contract cash in and defeats Sandow in about 2 minutes and is the New face of smack down.


    admin it, you'd mark your tits off!

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  2. im the source....(sarcasm)
  3. That'd be badass.. it's so good you know WWE won't do it :emoji_wink:
  4. I'd personally like Sandow to be walking around with a dented, water-damaged, rusty breifcase. (I was gonna say with seaweed hanging from it but I guess they'd remove that after getting the case back. I liked how when The Miz was MitB, over time he kept hitting people with it and it got more and more damaged until it was really fucked up.
  5. 4/10
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  6. Admin what?
  7. That would actually be a great twist and I would support that 1000%.

    SHELL YEAH!:yes:
  8. Interesting scenerio. You should look into joining IWT if you like writing. :woo1:
  9. Hahaha Marked. Adam asking for the source

  10. I said source cause he said Breaking News.
  11. When did WWE re-hire Vince Russo as head creative writer?
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  12. But in all seriousness, I really hope Sandow gets his briefcase back. It would be a shame if he can't cash it in.
  13. It'd be better if Rhodes threw the briefcase in a swamp and the Estonian Thunderfrog got a hold of it. Nevertheless, my face would melt if I saw this on TV.
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  15. :mog: SHARK BOY!!! DAM YOU!!! :russo:
  16. SO, what is going on now lmfao?
  17. Apparently when sin cara was looking in the pizza boxes... He injured his eye staring too hard. So how Hunico is under the hood again. They don't trust him to do a title match so they had Christian get his one more match
  18. I'd rather see Cody champ than Sandow, that's just me though.
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