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    From the man's mouth itself. Could just be an angle but with how long he has been out it is most likely the real deal.

    Thank you Bryan, so long American Dragon
  2. Disappointing if true and it being a work doesn't make a deal of sense.
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  3. Ah that's a shame.
  4. People are drawing parallels to Mark Henry's salmon jacket promo due to RAW being in Bryan's hometown
  5. Fuck :emoji_cry: I really want for him to just be healthy and happy, so if it has to be, then it has to be. And we've gotten some great years with D-Bry and I'll never forget what happened at WM30.

    But seriously, damn it. One of the best wrestlers in the world (if not THE) has to retire at only 34, and we can't cheer him on as he fights (and beats) Lesnar, Styles, Owens... too many great moments that I wish we could have, where I can shout "YES! YES! YES!" opposite the TV screen as Bryan does, in victory.

    I'm still hoping that this is all some sort of work where Bryan reveals that the WWE doctors won't clear him (in kayfabe) and with the crowd behind him, we build up to a WM feud where he wins his place back or something. But assuming he's retiring... #ThankYouBryan!
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  6. Bryan doesn't have to claim that WWE doctors won't clear him only in kayfabe. They won't clear him period
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  7. That would be pretty ridiculous, take your most over babyface coming off a serious injury in his hometown and try and make him a heel? It's fighting a huge up hill battle, I'd rather it was a false retirement but it would be such a strange approach.
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  8. Why would you need to elaborate on something when we know the medical situiation? Sounds fishy to me. If true well then thank you for all you have contributed American Dragon
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  9. He'll be in ROH within the year for sure. Unless this is an angle, and if it did play out like Henry's I'd be down. Don't think a heel turn would keep from him getting cheered, though.
  10. Vince, to be fair, has the balls/is insane enough to try it.

    But for Bryan's health's sake I hope it is a legitimate retirement. He has a 15 year+ career that is well documented. It is quite easy to go back in time and watch him work. And he is young enough to have a long and happy life and enjoy fatherhood (since it is pretty obvious that Brie wants babies).

    If any man of the current generation not named Cena deserves a good retirement it is the Dragon
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  11. Thanks for all the amazing matches and memories Bryan. It was a run that was too short, but definitely one that left an impact on the history on the sport and many companies in it.

    Feel like it's likely that he'll be back in the indies soon though, right? Wrestling is what he loves to do, if he wants to continue on with his passion in life, who are we to judge?
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  12. Raw is in Seattle. He could cut Vince's head off in the ring and throw it out into the crowd and still get cheered. Which makes me think he is allowed to cut an Edge rather than a Mark Henry
  13. I wonder when he goes into the Hall of Fame, then...
  14. He's not going into the HOF for a while.

    As for him going to another company. WWE are not going to let him go. He's going to be the face of their concussion awareness initiative most likely, possibly a job backstage as a producer/road agent if I am allowed to guess
  15. Given WWE's previous reluctance to allow him back and the fact that they've already done the fake retirement thing before, I wouldn't be too optimistic this is an angle. I'm glad they're finally addressing it either way, either bring him back or let him make it official that his time as a wrestler is done.

    In the slight chance that he's finally been cleared though, they should have KO attack him to set up an angle for WM. Actually, they should have KO attack him regardless. If he's retiring for real, have Owens interrupt his speech and after a brief exchange of words, pummel the shit out of him. Imagine the heat KO would get for assaulting Daniel Bryan and having him wheeled out on a stretcher or something.
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  16. He's turned down every non-related wrestling role. Really don't see why he'd retire completely when he was cleared by so many doctors. WWE will keep him in a cuckold for about half a year, but he'll get out of it.
  17. I just had the thought of Cesaro wearing an armband for Bryan too.
  18. [​IMG]
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  19. Nooooooooooooo!

    Man, that sucks to hear.

    If this isn't an angle, then... Thank you for the memories, DB!
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  20. So much for the big announcement happening at RAW, but i'm sure this generates a lot of buzz either way. I'm not a fan of the yes bullshit (and brie ripping it off is awful) but DB was one hell of a wrestler, probably best he gets out while his brains are only mildly scrambled.
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