Breaking News: Eve Torres Injured At RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Saylor, Feb 6, 2012.

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    (WWE) - Partial Source: Pwinsider

    Eve Torres was injured at RAW in an eight-Diva tag match.

    Eve got hit with a clothesline from Beth Phoenix and quickly tagged out, after which she was rushed backstage. She was bleeding badly from the nose and word is that she suffered a broken nose.
  2. Even with a nose I'd still...

    Poor girl :emoji_slight_frown:
  3. Do you usually like girls without noses Crayo?
  4. i thought it was from kane.
  5. I think he's got a slight thing for them :emoji_wink:.
  6. Eve's*

    Not girls. :cool:
  7. bite the pillow Eve

    Kane's going in dry
  8. Crayo Wrote:
    Even with a nose I'd still...

    Poor girl :emoji_slight_frown:

  9. Meant to write broken nose. IT'S 4:22AM SEABS GIVE ME A BREAK FOR ONCE. :fire:
  10. I'm just filling in for @[CM Punk] as the resident grammar Nazi. :cool:
  11. Excuses :emoji_wink:.

    Why don't you hit the hay or are you too busy looking at Eve Torres? :troll:
  12. Too busy speaking technical stuff with my host. Going bed after though, I can't get into the habbit of going sleep at 8am.
  13. Oh, sounds cool.

    I've got college tomorrow but I can't still till 9 in the morning, that's when my college starts. I'm going to go on around 24 hours without sleep, 7 of those hours are going to be in college. Damn.
  14. Harsh stuff man. Ask @[seabs] for tips, he no-sleeps for fun.
  15. Someone call Candice Michelle's old man
  16. It's a pleasure to have a substitute. :surprised:
  17. 4:23 when you made this post actually @[Crayo]. It was also 4:27 when @[seabs] made his post, and you don't see him burying the English language.
  18. Id still bone even if her nose was off
  19. Saw it happen too. The ref made the X sign and I knew it was real
  20. That's actually not quite as reliable as it used to be. They've caught on to the fact that people know what the X means, so sometimes they throw it up in kayfabe injury situations as well.

    But in this case, it was probably real.
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