News Breaking News: Goldberg Confirmed for Wrestlemania Weekend

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zamorakian, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. Don't know what to say...
  2. I know what to say. GO AWAY GOLDBERG.
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  4. Goldberg at Wrestlecon? Drew Gulak is going to eat the spear.
  5. Meh, really don't care.
  6. I've wanted this for 9 FUCKIN YEARS, this means he's finally coming back people, but when?
  7. He's not going to Wrestlemania. He's going to Wrestlecon. Read the article.
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  8. haha was bitter you beat me to it. Way to win champ.

    LOL @ this horrible thread.
  9. :gtfo:
  10. LOLZamorakian
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  11. Lol how is this breaking news?
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  12. Why would they even want him around after all the crap he's said about the company recently? Either way I don't care that he'll be there lol.
  13. What is WrestleCon? :ricardo:
  14. He's not going to the WWE!
    Wrestlecon is the indy equivalent to wrestlemania happening in the same city. It is a work together between CZW, Chikara (now Wrestling IS) and WWN (Dragon gate usa, evolve, shine)
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  15. Did anyone else notice the goldberg chants when ryback was bullying someone on raw the other day lol.

  16. That makes a lot more sense lol. Good for him I guess.
  17. Rumor still has it they are trying to talk him into wrestling Ryback.

    problem is he would never eat that pin
  18. Time to bury the Ryback fully then.

  19. A comedy gimmick where he buries smaller dudes and gets buried by bigger dudes would work for me.
  20. Would kind of be poetic justice in his bully gimmick now that I think of it. Ryback keeps burying small guys until he hears "Pick on someone your own size" and out comes Goldberg.
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