BREAKING NEWS: John Cena in car accident

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  1. has just gotten word that John Cena has been involved in an automobile accident in Philadelphia. The SUV the WWE Superstar was traveling in was reportedly rear ended by a tractor trailer. Police arrived at the scene and no immediate injuries were reported.

    Cena is scheduled to meet with WWE medical personnel when he arrives at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center for tonight’s WWE Raw SuperShow event.

    In less than two weeks, Cena will face The Rock at WrestleMania XXVIII in the most anticipated bout in WWE history. The effect this accident will have on the Cenation leader remains to be seen. will stay with this story as it develops.
  2. Holy shit.. This could be massive..

    Edit- At least it's not serious though.
  3. But still, an car accident can be serious mentally you know..
  4. Glad the guy is okay (it seems).

    I bet Vince had a heart-attack when he heard about this.
  5. This is the surprise Rock was talking about.:lol1:
  6. My first thought was "Is this a work since reported it" but I doubt that, lol.
  7. Cena had died
  8. Yeah man I first looked it through, because I thought it was a work too, but it seems too real to be a work.
  9. ???
  10. Damn bro, you're sick.:bury:
  11. My thoughts when I first heard about this. It would be very awkward for the big Rock-Cena match to have to be called off because of a real life injury.
  12. Damn, I'm glad he's fine.
    The match is not relevant if one is badly injured.
  13. Not just awkward, but devastating for business. Lots of refunds would have been granted.
  14. Yeah indeed, a lot of money would be gone for WWE.
    But besides that, Cena's health is no. 1 in this situation, not the match.
  15. I find this to be quite hilarious. Not because Cena was in an accident, that's horrible.

    I'm picturing Vince upon hearing the news though. Probably skipped a beat, shat his pants, and made a face like this :kiss:
  16. Must be shocking for him for Cena as a person + the sob he is about his money.
  17. Told you earlier Randy, he is going to be at Raw tonight, so sure as hell he will be at Wrestlemania 28.
  18. but I bet u he will not wrestler tonight! And he will not wrestler next week! To make sore not get injury before then! That find a way to get him out of his match with Mark Henry tonight!
  19. He already said he will wrestle Henry tonight.
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