News BREAKING NEWS! Mae Young fighting for her life

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by William, Jan 9, 2014.

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  1. RIP to a funny and wonderful lady :emoji_grin:
  2. The original woman's wrestler. True legend.
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  3. Holy shit, never honestly though I would see the day. RIP. True legend.
  4. RIP, she took some amazing bumps.
  5. She never took herself seriously like most ex wrestlers, RIP Mae Young.
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  6. It finally happened! I thought having relations with Mark Henry would have done it years ago but she was a tough old broad.

    RIP Young
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  7. Well it's official she passed away at the age of 90, one thing I always remember about Mae Young is her always being happy.Some people might think who's happy all the time she must of been a very positive person and as we know for her funny antics on TV, she was full of life.
  8. She should have died right here, so good for her on squeezing 10 more years out of life

  9. The only person to have been involved in anything resembling a wrestling match in nine straight decades (her first documented match was in 1941 but she claims to have wrestled in 39).
  10. She lived a long, good life. Many wrestlers don't end up having that. It was nuts how well she still got around. She will be missed.
  11. Sad news
    Rest easy Mae
  12. She's getting power bombed through tables in heaven now :cry:
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  13. Are there safe enough workers in heaven to pull off such a spot properly?
  14. Well there's Bruiser Brodie... Oh wait.
  15. This is a video of Vince, Triple H giving her a gift on a backstage exclusive. Pretty neat watch, you can tell they really loved her.
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  16. Owen and Hennig brother.
  17. Never seen them do a powerbomb through a table spot.

    Damn, imagine the fed they have going on in heaven, must blow our shit away. Owen, Perfect, Rick Rude, Benoit (he's in heaven, marks, learn to cope) Macho Man...
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  18. Every match is a 5 star match.
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