Breaking News on USA NFL Football! Were Tebow going, Saints "Bounty" Punishment!

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  2. Tebow to the Jets? Pretty non-plussed about it, not sure how it would work. Will he start? Will they give Sanchez another chance? Sanchez is an emotionally fragile guy, so if they start Tebow over him, they wreck his confidence. Tebow fits the "ground and pound" offense Rex loves so much, but if one gets hurt they have to drastically change the offense...

    Wow, they destroyed the Saints. There were the penalties, the suspensions, and plus, Drew Brees didn't want to sign his franchise tender. He's wanting to hold out this year, and with his coach gone that only makes him more pissed. Oh. Brother. What a mess.
  3. Dever is stupid, they signed a 38 year old quaterback for like 5 years, he was out all last season, and no one knows how good he'll be,,
  4. Well alot think has change since I made this video early today. The Jets "apparly" did know that they have to give dever 5 million dollars to then b/c of that own him know and his rookies contract. So the trade make be revaerd! And know Jaguars may get in to this! As for Sanchez he a good QB u can be a bad if u get to the AFC Champion ur 1st 2 year as QB in the NFL! And yes that had a great Def and a good Running but ur QB has do something right to get then as well and HE DID! The Jets can win a Super Bowl with Sanchez as the QB!

  5. You can't win a Super Bowl with Sanchez.
    -Signed, a Baltimore Ravens fan.

    Sanchez has regressed since then, to the point where he threw two interceptions to a 320-pound defensive linemen with the playoffs on the line. Tebow to the Jets would be interesting, but I think Sanchez will still start and with Rex and Sparano there they'll use Tebow in the Wildcat. But if they can't get it done, how can Jacksonville afford NOT to trade for Tebow?
  6. He had 1 bad year! And that did not run LT! LT should have been the starter and green should have been the power back! When taht did that in 2010 that got to the champion game this that were 8-8 that was the were the fuck up! Sanchez can win a Super Bowl if u bring back LT and make him the guy again and make green the power back! As for Tebow I think he would make a great other back wildcat back and can sper the team! but Sanchez need to be the Starting QB! And if Dever meida was as bad as that were to Fox and Orton I can OWNLY THINK OF WHAT GOING HAVE BEEN WHEN SANCHEZ MAKE 1 BAD PLAY AND WHAT THE NY CITY MEDIA DOES TO HIM AND REX!
  7. LT's nowhere near the player he used to be, although he deserved a chance over Greene, although I can't see why Joe McKnight (158 yards on 32 carries, 4.94 YPC in his first start) can't get a chance. Shonn Greene is a failed experiment as a starting RB. Tebow isn't going to be an RB, but he could be the guy who spurs the team...

    Wow, good point. Great trade off that alone.

    Rex Ryan's job is based on his QB's performance right now. He better make the right call.
  8. ok if it based then why last year Eil SUCK I goes that should have got rid of him since last year he SUCK! OK? U can't give up on QB just b/c 1 bad season!? Joe M. is NOT A STARTING RB IN THIS NFL! Good return man but that it! LT should have start like what he did in 2010 as the starter if use him more that could have been a better this pass year! Mark should still be the Starter and Tebow should be the WildCat Guy!
  9. Eli didn't suck last year.

    Sanchez hasn't done anything great his whole career. Even in his rookie season people were dreading him screwing up in the AFC Championship. Trent Dilfer was there to make plays for the 2000 Ravens, Rex was hoping Sanchez wouldn't screw the game up.

    We don't know that. Shonn Greene isn't the answer, and LT is doubtful.

    Sanchez will probably start this year, and Tebow will be the wildcat guy and great locker room influence. As you say.
  10. How did Sanchez screw up in the afc champion of 2009? HE FUCKIN THROW LIKE 2 TD PASS against the Colts! And almost won the game? As well with the Steelers in 2010 What are u stroking? LT WAS THE ANSWER IF THAT GAVE BALL AND STARTER HIM! Like that did in 2010!
  11. No, I said the team doesn't expect him to make plays.
    He did. But he wasn't expected to.
  12. SO HOW DOES THAT MAKE HE A BAD QB? If he doing think that people not expect to do then why is he bad? That just prove my point!
  13. I'll give you that. You win there.

    But to win a Super Bowl nowadays, you can't just trust your QB to "not screw it up". In that AFC Championship Game, Sanchez did a good job and made plays, but the last time we saw him he threw 2 INT's to a 320 pound defensive lineman. He's regressed and the organization has very little faith in him. Clearly they don't think he's a lost cause, so maybe Tebow will push him to improve, or he will do so naturally.
  14. Guys don't know why ur arguing to be honest PATS go all the way this next season.

  15. ok he had 1 bad game ad it have been to QB. Ashly I think Tebow coming will make Sanchez want to play better! But I do think he can better then what people think him not Drew B. in his 1st 3 year a Changer everyone was hate him and then that draft River he hold out for his rookies contract Drew win the job and has a great season and then that got a QB contveiw and Drew get injury in 2005 he go to Saints and look how that turn now EVRYONE THINK DREW IS THE GUY! But before the 2004 SEASON EVRYONE HATE HIM! U just need to 1 good year and turn everything around by bring in a another QB and maybe it will do the same for Sanchez like it did for Drew!
  16. Sanchez sucks bro.
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  19. what was wrong with that? I would done the same if I was him! He a Qb not WR so a CB not gonig to think he going block and then he does I think that was great move by him!
  20. Again why u arguing PATS all the way!

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