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  1. Just like the rest of the boys, I’ve been sitting back waiting for something to happen here. After days of not hearing from either David or Fred, I’m fed up. I talked to Fred and David the other day like I normally do and they ignored the question. I talked and I talked and finally they cracked. They told me that they wanted nothing to do with those leagues. They were almost certain that it would be a failure but I wouldn’t just let this league slip away. I now own 100% of both leagues. Just to make sure that this does not fail, all workers are required to always have a smile on their faces, but with me running the league I don’t see why they wouldn’t have one. I expect all workers to put on the best show that they possibly can, I have high expectations from everybody. The last card is canceled and I shall post the brand new card sometime today or tomorrow. If anyone gets out of line, I am in the league myself and will do it what needs to be done if I need to. So step up your game pencil neck geeks.​

  2. Did using the caps lock button for more than 10 seconds make you feel special?
  3. Er...I kinda do.
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Oh snap. I'll join up eventually. If they're even active.
  6. We can be the A+ Players, lel.
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Imma kill you.
  9. Imma run grapple pin you
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  10. Imma cry.
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  11. I might rejoin.
  12. what happened
  13. A Fullofit takeover
  14. Does this mean that my stock in this league has been taken down? Guess I'll have to work in the Ice Cream parlor again.
  15. I still have my stock in the league, gonna sell it soon doe, think the company is going down hill.
  16. What a shame.
  17. It's a shame I bought a stock for 156$, selling it for 214$
  18. Love how Full completely ignores the Xbox League.
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