Breaking News - Ryder suffers herniated disc at the hands of Kane

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    Zack Ryder remains hospitalized after being chokeslammed by Kane through the stage on Monday’s Raw SuperShow. Upon further examination by WWE medical personnel, the former United States Champion has suffered a herniated disc as a result of the fall.

    The incident occurred during a brutal Falls Count Anywhere Match between the two Superstars. Kane spent much of the match pummeling Ryder at ringside before the action spilled up the ramp, where Kane shockingly launched Long Island Iced-Z through the stage floor with the chokeslam.

    Following the vicious maneuver, WWE officials, as well as Eve and John Cena, rushed to the fallen Superstar’s side. Medical personnel assessed Ryder for several minutes before placing him onto a stretcher and transporting him into an ambulance backstage at the U.S. Airways Center.

    During the program, Jerry Lawler, working off unconfirmed reports, informed the WWE Universe that Ryder had sustained a broken back. WWE officials have confirmed the chokeslam exacerbated previous injuries Ryder had already sustained as a result of a separate attack by Kane.

    Ryder’s recovery time is unknown at this time. Stay tuned to to get the latest updates on this story as it develops.
  2. Kayfabe, don't worry :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. Surprisingly @[Sage], it's really not. He is really injured. As for his recovery time. He'll probably be out till a week or two before the Elimination Chamber PPV. That is all.
  4. It's kayfabe RKO lol. If it's not then... I'm confused.
  5. Were did you hear this?
  6. It's definitely kayfabe.

    Also, I'm glad they actually gave it a name. Cole & Lawler calling it a broken back was just :facepalm:.
  7. Commentary calling it a broken back was better for me. If they would have said he had a herniated disc it would have sounded very fake for me. By just giving it a general idea rather then being specific it added to the realism. It's a bit like in football no one is said to have a hairline fracture of the fibula by commentators it's a broken leg.
  8. Yeah, it's part of a storyline apparently.
  9. Yeah but when football commentators report is in detail, they say exactly what's wrong. The brief-touchline ones they do, it's generalized like Broken leg. WWE doesn't have that, they just announce it in detail. Broken back just sounded so bad as it's never used in modern day life, it's normally pretty specific when it comes to back (more importantly spines).

    If it's any other part then generalized injuries are okay, but "broken back" just sounded silly I thought lol.