Breaking News: Sting Injured At IMPACT!

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    Oh Stinger...
  2. Well he is old so this kind of stuff is going to happen. Hopefully this convinces him to give up in ring completely. He doesn't need to be working any kind of matches at his age.
  3. Scott Steiner does? He's in great shape.
  4. Steiner doesn't work many matches anymore plus Sting is usually working the higher card matches whilst Scott is in the lower card. Scott is 49 and Sting is 52 also,those three extra years can be huge factor on how much the human body can take.
  5. But Steiner is also in way better shape.. Just look at him lol.
  6. Scott is in great shape that's steroids for ya.
  7. Any proof he's on roids @[seabs]?
  8. I can't produce a reputable source due to the lack of drug testing in TNA or WWE at the time he was there. However if we compare pictures from the early 90's

    WCW Scott
    I know he's tensing but still there is a big mass gain there.

    There was a phenomenal mass gain within short period of the time in the period of 1997-98 leading me to believe he took steroids in this time. Compare the above picture to a recent picture of Scott.


    He still got similar size and bf% to what he had 10 years ago and doing this without an external help would be very difficult for a man with a demanding job as a wrestler at 49 years of age.

    In summary I'm not saying he definitely is but in my judgement the chances of him being on are high to say the least. Feel free to dispute any claim I've made however.
  9. "He still got similar size and bf% to what he had 10 years ago"

    HHH 2000

    HHH 2011

    Lesnar 2000


    Some people can maintain there body weight and muscle without steroids. Some do it better than others.
  10. Steroids and Steiner are a partnership, it's a guarandamtee that he was juicing.

    Shame about Sting, but he does need to hang those boots up now to be honest.
  11. Brock is 34 and was at a weigh in there so would have been dehydrated. HHH is also younger then steiner and has a bit of a gut now. That picture will probably have been from a few years ago and secondly photoshopped as are most promotional images.

    Look at HHH in this video he's far less cut then in that image.

  12. Was going to say, he's a bit of a porker now.
  13. This is true. But he's still pretty built. I think I myself, have him beat Ab wise.. Hold on, I'll upload another pic.

  14. thes guys gettn way too old
  15. Hopefully this is the last bit of evidence that he needs to convince him to stay in an authority role. No need for him to be active in the ring. None at all
  16. Even in his authority role he's made himself look stronger than TNA's whole main event. Now I'm a big fan of Sting's, he's no Hogan now, but as a viewer it's not something I'm a fan of.
  17. Blame Russo and creative for that. The constantly put the old fucks on a pedestal while making the guys who should be the focus of the show look bad or take a back seat

    I guess it's to be expected when Bischoff/Sting/Hogan/Flair probably make more than the rest of the roster combined
  18. He seems to be as bad as Hogan now. He's main evented multiple BFG's and won the world title 4 times since 2007 for 300+ days. I love Sting and he can still go to an extent but still he shouldn't even be main eventing in this day and age.