Spoiler BREAKING NEWS: TNA Signs Main Event Player

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by CM Punk, Sep 17, 2014.

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  1. - Former WWE Superstar Brodus Clay made his TNA debut at tonight's tapings in Bethlehem, PA. He sided with Ethan Carter III, as seen in the photo below

  2. Lol, again, I never heard of this show being in town and I live like 15 minutes away...terrible advertising.
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  3. He showed plenty of charisma when given the chance, and they've already done great things with Bateman and (Kenneth) Cameron. Should at least be a solid pickup for them and more roster depth for cheap.

    Of course no wrestling fan will see it that way and this'll just turn viewers off because wrestling fans are closed-minded assholes.
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  4. the hell is this and how is this breaking news lmao? Gtfo
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  5. :blackshock::aries2::eww2::booker::goatface::silva::phew::rollins:

    oh wait wrong emote.:steiner:
  6. Main event player? :heenan:
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  7. Ah shit they got the main event playa :blackshock:
  8. He gon Dolphin splash every one in the impact zone
  9. EC3 had Spud as his friend, and now he has Brodus Clay. Talk about height and weight difference lmao, poor Spuddy
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  11. I applaud TNA for using Brodus correctly. I wish WWE actually kept him as a monster heel instead of repackaging him and eventually Tensai as these gorilla ass dancing motherfuckers that were accompanied by these two screechy ass backup dancers doing all this High School Musical shit every time they had a match. Not to mention the time they got all down with Vince. (My eyes are still feeling the bleeding from that) And it'll be interesting to see what they do now with Spud. But yeah, I'm glad they're using Brodus as a heel
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  12. Apparently something goes down with Spud which brings out Brodus
    (I read the spoilers but I am leaving it open to interpretation for the sake of the fans).
  13. If he plays the monster heel WWE hyped and had vignettes for I'm on board.
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  15. You really think you knew that info before I did? Lol
  16. Nope. But I was unsure on your stance on spoilers or not.
  17. The guys gonna be a fantastic monster heel.

    I'm assuming you've seen this before but if not watch it. The guy can talk and moves pretty well for someone that size.
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  18. I could stand that kind of Brodus. The monster heel. That promo was great. WWE had ruined this guy by giving him that Funkasaurus shit, I couldn't stand that whole shtick. Hopefully I'll grow to like him in TNA, though.
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