BREAKING NEWS: Will Booker T be named the new SmackDown General Manager?

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  1. BREAKING NEWS: Will Booker T be named the new SmackDown General Manager?


    As first reported on WWE’s Breaking News mobile alert service, one of the strongest names in consideration for the role of SmackDown General Manager may, in fact, be former World Champion and current show color commentator, Booker T. However, will this conjecture prove true at tonight’s SmackDown event, live in Indianapolis' Bankers Life Fieldhouse?

    The fury of speculation began Monday night on Raw when it was revealed that WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon would personally return to SmackDown to name the new GM of the blue brand. Immediately, rumors began to circulate as to whom, in fact, would be taking the reins.

    Booker T would be a very interesting choice for several reasons. Not only does the legendary Superstar have the in-ring experience to lead by example. He has also been a staple voice on the show since finding his place at the SmackDown announce table in February 2011. In addition, he continues to step through the ropes and into conflict whenever necessary, making it clear that he is not the least bit hesitant about mixing it up to get his point across. 

    But, whether or not the mere talk about Booker being selected for the leadership position is true remains to be seen. Check back with to find out if the rumors are indeed true.

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