Breaking News: WWE Suspends Evan Bourne

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Thoughts?

  2. He looks like he's trying to get out of the company imo. Kind of like Carlito did.
  3. Don't know why though.
  4. So wait, he done it again?? Explains the tag-titles. Bit harsh on Kofi though, starting to hate Evan now.
  5. Paul strikes again.
  6. Evan Bourne, who is currently serving a thirty-day suspension as a result of his first violation of WWE's Talent Wellness Program, took a dig at the organization's constant shilling of Twitter during television broadcasts.

    "I wonder if WWE '13 will have our twitter handles, random tweet pop ups and Cole talking tweets? Might make gameplay as annoying as viewing," he wrote on Twitter.

    "My guess is WWE 13: 'The Network'. You are Vince and control the WWE with a WWE 'Univers(e)al' Remote. Create history and earn money!"

    He made these comments in November so it seems he's unhappy with the company and has been for a while.
  7. Yet he wouldn't really succeed in any company. Just comes off as a spoilt brat to me.
  8. I could him being successful in Mexico with how well respected the smaller guys are there or even in TNA as an X division competitor.
  9. Maybe mexico but not TNA in my opinion. He's overrated I feel, he does a few good spots and sells well, but I think there's better xdivision competitors in TNA if I'm honest.
  10. Man, people's careers get wrecked because of what they say on twitter.
  11. I kinda agree with him about the twitter thing. No need to know about what's trending on Twitter every time
  12. True, but if you're dominating twitter you're getting a lot of new viewers.
  13. They don't really dominate twitter though. They have a few trends during the main show and that's it. I understand the concept but it annoys the fan base a great deal it seems. Which could contribute to changing the channel.
  14. Did you see it last night? WWE had 7 of the top trends lmao.
  15. During their main broadcast if it was a domination wouldn't there be people talking about the WWE when the show isn't on? Here are the top 10 hashtags and trends for 2011 . Not one mention of the WWE. They're doing well when Raw is on like they're doing well when it comes to selling t-shirts it doesn't mean they're dominating the t-shirt market does it?
  16. No but if it's 7 of the top 10 trends when RAW is on means people are going to tune in and watch it, wonder why it's trending. Don't think WWE cares about trending when WWE isn't actually on.
  17. He wasn't unhappy, but he got heat from HHH.
  18. Heat from HHH is like sunbathing naked on the sun.
  19. I never really liked the kid.. There are a lot of high flyers in wrestling nowadays, so he's nothing new. Kofi on the other hand, he posesses decent skill. I feel bad for Kofi now..
  20. Perhaps Kofi will feud with Rhodes?